Tiktok Marketing: How Can TikTok Benefit Your Business In Singapore

Tiktok Marketing Singapore: How Can TikTok Benefit Your Business In Singapore

TikTok is now one of the platforms businesses should be on when it comes to social media marketing in Singapore. It is rich in users with a fanbase still growing, available in many languages, and provides users with creative liberties. No wonder why Singapore-based brands like, The Straits Times, Nippon Paint, Mcdonald’s, Emporal Co, Central Provident Fund Board, and Kal by J are now investing in TikTok marketing. TikTok marketing has many benefits, including raising brand awareness, driving website traffic, engaging with customers, establishing brand voice, utilising user-generated content, and free analytics tools. However, be careful with TikTok marketing mistakes, such as going for a hard sell, creating dull content, repurposing content, not using special effects and music, and targeting the wrong audience.

What Are The 5 Core Pillars Of Social Media Marketing?

What Are The 5 Core Pillars Of Social Media Marketing

A successful social media marketing campaign of a company helps raise brand awareness and increase online presence. In this article, you will learn how to start social media marketing and discover the five core pillars of social media marketing: 1) Research (Planning Phase), 2) Preparation. 3) Interaction (Engagement), 4) Advertising, and 5) Analysis (Reporting).

5 Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies For An E-Commerce Website

5 Effective Social Media Marketing

With the continuous growth of social media users, businesses should take advantage of social media platforms by implementing effective marketing strategies to direct traffic and earn more sales. This article contains five effective strategies that e-commerce website owners can use to help their business grow, raise brand awareness and strengthen their online presence: Try Facebook […]

Grow Your Business: 5 Tips For SMEs That Plan To Go Digital

Grow Your Business Tips For SMEs That Plan Going Digital

Everyone loves shopping, but many more consumers prefer to shop online than in person ever since COVID-19 restrictions were imposed. For that reason, many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) realised the importance of going digital.   Strait Times mentioned that 74% of Singaporean consumers shop more often online due to the ongoing pandemic. This change […]