A Guide To Meta Business Suite

A Guide To Meta Business Suite

The guide to Meta Business Suite covers the section in its dashboard to help businesses manage their social media marketing activities. It also includes a table comparison of Meta Business Suite versus Facebook Creator’s Studio.

Tiktok Marketing: How Can TikTok Benefit Your Business In Singapore

Tiktok Marketing Singapore: How Can TikTok Benefit Your Business In Singapore

TikTok is now one of the platforms businesses should be on when it comes to social media marketing in Singapore. It is rich in users with a fanbase still growing, available in many languages, and provides users with creative liberties. No wonder why Singapore-based brands like, The Straits Times, Nippon Paint, Mcdonald’s, Emporal Co, Central Provident Fund Board, and Kal by J are now investing in TikTok marketing. TikTok marketing has many benefits, including raising brand awareness, driving website traffic, engaging with customers, establishing brand voice, utilising user-generated content, and free analytics tools. However, be careful with TikTok marketing mistakes, such as going for a hard sell, creating dull content, repurposing content, not using special effects and music, and targeting the wrong audience.

Social Media Marketing: How To Combine SEO And Social Media?

Social Media Marketing How To Combine SEO And Social Media

Social media marketing in Singapore can be powerful if you will utilise social media platforms with SEO strategies. Additionally, for a social media campaign to be successful and effective, brands should set their marketing campaigns based on data, take advantage of images and videos, encourage positive reviews, slightly boost local SEO, take advantage of the social listening tools, be consistent with social media content, and connect with social media influencers.

Your Ultimate Guide To The New Instagram Collaboration Feature

Instagram collaboration feature is the newest tool social media marketing services can take advantage of. This feature allows two Instagram accounts to share a single post that appears on both of their Instagram feeds. Its benefits include: (1) a post is seen by both followers of the Instagram accounts collaborating; (2) the post appears on […]

Social Media Marketing – The Cost Of Facebook Marketing In Singapore 2023

social media marketing in singapore

INTRODUCTION Social media marketing existed way back in the mid-2000s, and it all started with MySpace. However, if you compare it to the modern state of social media marketing, a lot of things have changed since then.   For instance, social media is not just a pastime but a way of life. People use social […]