Your Ultimate Guide To The New Instagram Collaboration Feature

Instagram collaboration feature is the newest tool social media marketing services can take advantage of. This feature allows two Instagram accounts to share a single post that appears on both of their Instagram feeds. Its benefits include: (1) a post is seen by both followers of the Instagram accounts collaborating; (2) the post appears on different social media communities; (3) the post garners more engagement from the shared comment section, reactions, shares, and direct traffic due to Instagram handles as opposed to tagging or mentioning an account; (4) and increased sales.

Instagram is one of Meta’s biggest and most successful social media platforms, only behind Facebook. This year, Instagram garnered more than 1.2 billion users worldwide, and according to Statista, this number could balloon up to 1.4 billion in the next three years, especially with the newest collaboration feature of Instagram. Instagram is also a popular social media among Gen Z or an audience between ages 10 and 25 and Millennials with ages between 26 to 41 this year.


With this global audience reach, Instagram is truly one of most widely used social media platforms by social media marketing services in Singapore. More than three million Singaporeans use Instagram.


Social media agencies now take advantage of these staggering numbers through the Instagram collaboration feature. Here are the crucial things you need to know about the new collab feature of Instagram.

All You Need To Know About The Instagram Collaboration Feature

The collab post on Instagram is the newest improvement the social media app launched last year.

Instagram is a favourite place for celebrities, sports icons, politicians, and influencers to interact and engage with their followers. As of 2022, singer Dua Lipa is one of the most followed on Instagram, with more than 85 million followers. Here’s where the Instagram new collab feature becomes a powerful tool for a social media marketing company.


What Is Instagram Collaboration Feature And How Does It Work?

Normal Tagging VS Instagram Collaboration Feature

Instagram users can post photos and reels on their feed or account. Before, Instagram influencers uploaded images and videos of products they endorsed on their feed or stories, tagging the brand on the caption or the image itself.


The drawback of this process is the limited audience reach of the posts. For example, if the brand tags Dua Lipa’s account, the post does not necessarily get into the feed of Dua Lipa’s 85 million followers. The same happens if the collaborator tags the brand; the campaign post does not get direct attention from the brand’s 12 million followers.


With this new collab feature on Instagram, the collaborator and the brand can now share a single post. Instead of tagging each other on the captions or images, the collab Instagram post uses both collaborator’s and brand’s accounts.


How Instagram Collaboration Posts Appear On Both Collaborators’ Feeds


This collab post on Instagram appears on the collaborator’s and brand’s feeds, sharing the share and reaction numbers, comment section, and audience reach.


If we use this feature in our previous example, the campaign post could reach more than 95 million people.


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Now that you know what the Instagram collaboration feature is and how collaboration posts are different from ordinary ones, here’s how you can set up one.

A Step By Step Guide To Instagram Collaboration Feature


A Step By Step Guide To Instagram Collaboration Feature

This collaboration feature is effortless to set up; there is no need for Instagram collaboration apps. You can do it on a smartphone or computer, making it accessible and easy to manage.


Here is a step-by-step guide to the Instagram new collab feature:


STEP #1: Follow each other



A brand cannot collaborate with an Instagram account that they do not follow. As part of influencer marketing, many brands hire celebrities, athletes, and famous public figures to endorse their products to their followers. 


Once the brand has finalised its endorser, it can now begin collaborating on Instagram.


STEP #2: Invite your collaborator

Creating An Instagram Collaboration Post


First, choose your content ( in photo or video format) and write a caption for your post. 


After creating a post or reel, select the ‘Tag People’ section. After selecting, it will bring you to another interface where you are given an option to either ‘Add Tag’ (the older version of tagging other users) and ‘Invite Collaborator’ (the new feature). Then, search for the Instagram account of the brand or user you are collaborating with. 


Lastly, publish the post.


STEP #3: Accept the invite

Instagram will notify the other user about the invite once the brand publishes the post. When accepted, the post will appear on both accounts’ feeds, visible to both of their following.



  • Alt text
    Alt Text Instagram Option
    Advanced Setting’ is the bottom-most button you can find when tagging people. By clicking this option, you can change your image’s alt-text. Alt text is basically the photo description for people who cannot see the photos (sight-impaired users, photos that failed to load).

    A social media marketing agency must utilise this feature as it improves SEO.LEARN MORE: Image Title Tags And Image Alt Tags


  • Collaborating with people
    A post can only tag up to 20 accounts or people. You can collaborate with a public or private account.


  • Posts and Reels
    A social media marketing company in Singapore can only use this Instagram collaboration feature on posts and reels; stories are not included(yet).It is indeed effortless to create a collab Instagram post, but the question is: what are the benefits?




4 Reasons To Use Instagram Collaboration Feature

1. Wider reach

Both collaborators’ followers are combined with a collab post on Instagram. It means greater audience reach, especially in different niches. For example, if an athletic brand collaborates with a celebrity, the post gets the best of both sports fans and entertainment followers.


2. Giveaways

Besides influencers, brands can also collaborate with other brands. For example, a cosmetic line can collaborate with a clothing line when handing out giveaways.


Social media giveaways are a crucial strategy for social media management teams in Singapore to increase engagement and the number of followers on social media.


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3. Creative partnerships

Brands and collaborators also have creative partnerships. For example, a celebrity will design a sneaker for a footwear company. You can easily sell products that are not only endorsed by a popular figure but also have a creative output from them.


4. Increased sale

Adding all these factors, from wider reach and increase in engagement to the impact of creative partnerships, will lead to skyrocketing sales.



Reaching billions of people is possible in one click. Utilise these powers by taking advantage of social media tools, such as the Instagram collaboration feature.


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