Time is changing faster than we ever realise. We cannot deny that a much younger generation, Gen Z, is leading the retail trends, including e-commerce. 


As Generation Z takes over, Millennials are gradually losing their prominence. According to a New York Post report, Generation Z outnumbers Millenials and is out to change the world.


And the future of the retail, e-commerce and SEO industry is no exception. IMRG said that around 24% of Gen Z shops strongly prefer online shopping, and more than 40% shop for half of their clothes online. 


As presented in these statistics, there is no doubt that Generation Z is the next consumer generation. The only question is, how will they influence the future of retail services and the e-commerce industry? ?


Let us look closer and see how Generation Z will do it and how brands like yours can keep up. 


Inspiration Comes First, Selling Comes Second


We cannot deny that Generation Z grew up becoming a socially-savvy generation. They often get inspired by the things they see and experience online. 


But unlike the previous generations, Generation Z does not just sit around and wait for something to inspire them. Generation Z developed an online shopping habit that makes them actively search for something new that they can make their own and use. 


The members of Generation Z have a strong sense of individuality. They are exploring things to find and create a personal style for themselves. Besides browsing through social media, Generation Z also visits e-commerce apps or websites, including Pinterest and Behance, to find and get style inspiration, discover what others are buying, learn how to style a new fashion trend, and many more.


Generation Z Influence Statistics


Retrieved data from Renolon.


Keep inspiring your Generation Z consumers to keep up with their shopping behaviour by posting high-quality photos or videos on your digital marketing campaign, both on your website and social media. Be up-to-date with the top e-commerce marketing trends and apply them to your e-commerce business strategies.


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Desires Engaging Experiences


If the previous generations think time is gold, Generation Z believes more than that. That means they always make sure no chance is left behind. In other words, Generation Z is FOMO. 


The fear of missing out made Generation Z desire engaging experiences. That means they are afraid of being left out or feel excluded from plans and trends. Instead of sitting and waiting, Generation Z is always looking for ‘what is in’, and they research everything related to it online before they even go and visit any shop, restaurant or other establishments in person with their family, friends or colleagues. After all, Generation Z has a meticulous and woke mindset, which is why they want to have the information they need to engage in the actual experience itself.


Part of their research is to watch videos and read customer reviews to help them decide whether what they are about to do is worth their time, money, and effort.


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Below are the types of digital devices that Gen Z and how often they use them when looking up a question online:


Digital Devices That Gen Z Uses When Looking Up A Question Online


Source: Hubspot


For instance, videos of restaurants and food on Instagram and TikTok can influence a Gen Z person’s decision to find a place to eat. If a Gen Z sees a post on these social media platforms about food or a place that captures their interest, they are more likely to visit that restaurant.


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Take a look at this picture as an example. The Gen Z TikTok user type the keywords ‘Restaurant in Singapore’ to find a place to eat around the area. As they scroll through, they will likely know where to go next for their food trip. 


Desires Engaging Experience Example From TikTok


TikTok and Instagram are taking part in the search evolution. Younger generations are turning to these social media platforms instead of Google for discovery purposes. Google studies have shown that 40% of Gen Z look for a place for lunch on TikTok and Instagram and not on Google Search or Google Maps.


A Fact About Gen Z Found By Google


Retrieved the data from TechCrunch.


To catch up with this kind of digital customer purchase journey, you should keep up your e-commerce SEO strategies according to the trends. For example, make sure every content you post online has hashtags and easy-to-reach links so you can get in touch with Generation Z a lot easier and faster.


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Gen Z’s Opinion Can Impact Family Decisions 


Even though Generation Z is younger than Millennials and other generations, more than 70% of people pay attention to what they say because of their greater familiarity with current trends. For instance, a family with a member from Generation Z will consider their viewpoint while purchasing furniture or other items for the home.


Statistic Of How Gen Z Influence Family Decisions


Retrieved the data from Institute of Business Management.





Generation Z is like other previous generations. By catching up with their quirks, e-commerce business owners can further improve their SEO strategies to promote their products or services online. That is why you should ensure your brand can always keep up with current trends.


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