The 6 Essentials For Successful Performance Marketing Ad Creatives

Ad creatives are like images: they can speak a thousand words. They are visually impactful and can influence customers’ impressions of your business. Here are six essentials you should include in your ad creatives to have a positive influence and build better digital performance marketing: 1) Create Great Copy That Last, 2) Perfect Placement For The Right Audience, 3) Promote At The Right Time, 4) Give Time For A/B Testing, 5) Build For Mobile and 6) Attach A Clear Actionable Call-To-Action (CTA.


Are your digital marketing ads not performing as well as you had hoped? Don’t be too hard on yourself because you are not alone. Many marketers have been there before and are now doing great with their social media and Google ads management. 


You should know that managing your Google Ads is not exactly that easy. Of course, you know a great ad when you see it, but how can you achieve the same thing with your campaigns?


Here’s the deal: a great digital marketing ad is visually impactful. At a glance, you are captivated by wanting to learn more about it to the point you also want to experience it yourself.


To guarantee that your next digital marketing ad will have the same effect, here are the essentials of ad creatives you should include for building better digital performance marketing

6 Essentials Of Ad Creatives For Digital Performance Marketing


1. Create Great Copy That Last

When creating a copy for your digital marketing ad, you should not just create just for the sake of promotion. If you want your target audience to remember who you are and what you offer, write a copy that lasts long. It should have staying power and can tell the story of your brand.


Good examples are, Just Do It from Nike.


Just Do It From Nike


Below is an example on how Apple Ad was inspired from the famous slogan, What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and R&R Partners


Apple Ad Creatives Inspired By What Happens In Vegas


Now ask yourself, does the copy you have in mind have staying power such as these copies? You should know that a great copy of a digital marketing ad has extremely well-chosen words, and its message can resonate well with others. 


2. Perfect Placement For The Right Audience

And where should you place your digital marketing ad? Its placement should be where most of your target audience is. If they are more on social media, promoting your digital marketing ad on those platforms would be the best choice. 


The same goes for Google. If your target audience often uses that search engine to look for things online, then placing your digital marketing ad there will get a lot of attention on their search engine result pages. 


3. Promote At The Right Time

Perfect timing is everything. If you promote your digital marketing ad at the right time, expect to reach out to more of your target audience. As such, you will not have to pay for hours that your digital marketing ad is not making any traffic or lead. 


But the question is, when is the right time you should promote your products or services? The answer highly depends on your target audience’s lifestyle and behaviour. 


If you got the time right for your ads, then every penny you are spending could be worth it. 


4. Give Time For A/B Testing

Another way to make sure every money you spend on your digital marketing ad is worth every penny is to give your creatives some time for A/B testing. 


Give Time For A/B Testing


A/B testing is a strategy used by many digital marketers since it helps to identify which digital marketing ad between the two versions is likely to get more traffic, leads, and conversions.


To know which one is performing better, use Ad strength and Asset reporting. Also, make sure once you run each version, allow it to last for three weeks so you can gather sufficient data and analyse the result.  


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5. Build For Mobile

Since more than half of the world is using mobile devices, whether for personal or business use. That is why if you want to reach those people, your ad creatives should be designed according to the right mobile visible sizes.


On top of designing the creatives according to the correct sizes, it is also crucial to make sure that the creative is clear with a captivating design and compelling story at a glance.


Example of Ad Creatives For Smaller Screen


6. Attach A Clear Actionable Call-To-Action (CTA)

CTA is the last vital step to drive your audience for conversion. CTA gives a guide and serves as a reminder of what the potential customer can do after viewing your ad. For instance, asking them to ‘Visit your Website’, ‘View products’, ‘Call’ for enquiry. 


Without it, your target audience will not have a clear direction of the final action step to take. You should know that digital marketing ads with completing CTA can perform two times better than those without CTA. Here are some examples of good CTA. 


Example For CTA



The power to make your ad creatives stand out from the rest is in your hands. Before you showcase your digital marketing ad, ask yourself and your team: Does it strongly persuade you that you want to get one right now? If all of you have answered yes, your potential customers might feel the same way. 


On the other hand, however, if you barely have time to create your ad creatives, consider relying on experts in social media and Google Adword management. As such, you can focus more on managing your business and taking care of your customers’ orders. 


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