PPC 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Search Engine Marketing

Although 45% of small businesses today use paid ads, pay-per-click (PPC) is a concept that remains confusing to most digital marketers. However, when nearly half of SMEs rely on it, we can’t just afford to ignore the benefits this channel has to offer. As a trusted SEM agency in Singapore, we understand that PPC is […]

6 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Beauty is subjective, and it’s certainly apparent with products of art such as paintings, music, and books. Nonetheless, there’s still an aspect of objectivity when it comes to producing quality art. After all, “the devil is in the detail”.   When it comes to website designing, objectivity is a must. Similar to writing a book […]

Target Market Research 101

Conducting target market research is key to running a proper and capable business. It’s the main reason your products and services continue to provide.   Since time changes quickly, it’s vital to keep track of your current target market. Knowing what your customer wants is crucial if you want your business to survive.   How […]

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