The Dangers Of Duplicate Content For SEO

Dangers of duplicate content for SEO

Duplicate content poses several dangers for SEO, impacting the visibility and performance of websites. These dangers include the 1) Splitting of Link Equity, 2) Dilution of Keyword Relevance, 3) Lower Crawl Rates, 4) Tarnish Your Reputation, and 5) Negative Impacts on Backlink Acquisition. In this article, you will also learn some tips on how to avoid duplicate content, such as: 1)
Create Original Content, 2) Implement 301 Redirects, 3) Use Noindex Tags, 4) Use Structured Data, 5) Update Outdated Content and 6) Monitor A Website For Duplicate Content

Marketing Strategies That Will Stay Even In Post-Pandemic

Marketing Strategies That Will Stay Even In Post-Pandemic

The article highlights the digital marketing strategies that are expected to remain relevant in the post-pandemic world. That includes going digital, leveraging search trends, using marketing automation, investing in first-party data, and driving sales with video campaigns. By implementing these strategies, businesses can build a strong online presence, gain valuable customer insights, automate repetitive tasks, and connect with customers on a deeper level. The article ends with a call to action for businesses to implement these tactics to thrive in the post-pandemic marketplace.

Outsource vs In-House: How Businesses Can Benefit From Digital Marketing?

Outsource vs in house digital marketing

Digital marketing has become an evitable part of businesses. Given that most people nowadays are online, including ‘digital’ in a business’s marketing strategy is a must to connect, interact, and communicate with the target audience. In this article, you will learn the pros and cons of outsourcing digital marketing solutions: PRO #1) Save Time, PRO #2) Access to The Latest Digital Marketing Tools And Technology, CON #1) Lack Of Total Control, CON #2) Choosing The Right Agency Is Difficult. You will also learn the pros and cons of in-house recruitment of digital marketing experts: PRO #1) Build Your Very Own Team PRO #2) Familiarise Your Company With Digital Marketing, CON #1) High Cost, And CON #2) Lack Of Experience & Knowledge.

Website Design & Development 101: All the Basics You Need To Know

Web Design & Development The Tips Tricks And Mistakes

An aesthetically pleasing and well-functioning website can attract more visitors to browse through your site’s web pages and convert. Enhance your website design with these five tips and tricks: 1) Maintain Consistent Typography; 2) Use Responsive Website Design; 3) Know About SEO; 4) Include Social Share & Follow Buttons, and 5) Never Stop Testing. Also, […]

7 Common SEM Mistakes to Avoid (And How to Fix Them)

A successful search engine marketing (SEM) campaign can help your business get the exposure it needs to raise brand awareness in an instant. Unlike search engine optimisation (SEO), SEM can give you instant web visibility by posting your ads on search engine results pages.   However, while it is an excellent way to attract customers, […]