Website Design & Development 101: All the Basics You Need To Know

An aesthetically pleasing and well-functioning website can attract more visitors to browse through your site’s web pages and convert. Enhance your website design with these five tips and tricks: 1) Maintain Consistent Typography; 2) Use Responsive Website Design; 3) Know About SEO; 4) Include Social Share & Follow Buttons, and 5) Never Stop Testing. Also, you should steer clear of these five common website design mistakes: 1) Hectic Colour Scheme; 2) Too Many Stock Photos; 3) Unclear Navigation To ‘Contact’; 4) Missing Call-To-Action, and 5) Overlooking The Importance Of Analytics.

Whether you own a website for a small business or a large enterprise, the goal remains the same: prioritise its web design and development above all. You should know that a high-quality website will do wonders for your business if done properly.


The question is, however, can you create a quality website that can captivate people to visit it and turn them into paying customers? The good news is that you do not have to become a professional web designer to know the basics of web design


Designing a website requires you to have long patience, strong determination, and a bit of knowledge in search engine optimisation (SEO). Along the way, expect to encounter loads of different mishaps when creating your website design


For that reason, you should be aware of the ins and outs of web design so you can create a high-quality one for your business. Let us begin by learning a few tips and tricks of web design and development.

5 Tips And Tricks Of Web Design


1. Maintain Consistent Typography

Besides making sure your website is easy to navigate, it should also be easy to read. That includes ensuring your visitors will not have a hard time recognising words, phrases, or sentences written on your website. 


You should maintain and be consistent with your typography, including the font type, size and spacings. 


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2. Use Responsive Web Design

To guarantee that your visitors will enjoy their time browsing on your website and admire its design, it should be user friendly across all devices.


You should know that 90% of the world can access the internet using mobile devices for shopping, browsing or watching at any time and anywhere. And if your website has a responsive web design, it will reduce bounce rate and increase mobile traffic on your website. 


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3. Know About SEO

SEO is one of the many overlooked aspects of web design because it focuses on technicalities, not visuals. Having a search engine optimised website will also increase your search engine rankings and improve your web visibility on the search engine result page (SERP).To attract visitors and gain traffic to your website, you need to incorporate efficient SEO strategies on your website. 


Your SEO strategy can consist of many techniques, such as on-page and off-page SEO. As SEO is a very heavy topic, to understand more about how it works and apply the strategies, check out the link below. 


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4. Include Social Share & Follow Buttons

By nature, humans love to share things. If you have a very engaging marketing campaign, your visitors will also want to share your campaigns with others or their social media account. And instead of copying and pasting the web page’s URL on their social media account, clicking the share button is much easier. 


Example Of Social Share Button


With this, you will be able to drive additional traffic to your website.


5. Never Stop Testing

To make sure your web design works, do a test drive. Before your website goes live to the public, see if you can access it on desktop, laptop, and other devices. As such, you can rest assured that your potential customers will also be able to do the same. 

5 Mistakes Of Web Design

1. Hectic Colour Scheme

Even though the colour wheel consists of countless variations that you can use to your advantage, you should not match every colour you like.


If you do so, the colour scheme will look hectic and can subtly hurt the eyes. To avoid this, you should choose a colour that can describe who and what your brand is when creating the website design for your company.


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You should know that an effective colour scheme can influence your customers in ways unimaginable. As such, combine a myriad of colours, choose the right shades, and use them for your website.


Here is a chart that can help you with your colour scheme.


Palette To Avoid Hectic Colour Scheme


2. Too Many Stock Photos

Using too many stock photos on your website sends a message to visitors that your web design expert is lazy. While there is nothing wrong with using stock photos from time to time, they can be an indicator for your customers that you lack originality.


You should know that many generic photos also appear on countless other sites. And as a brand that wants to leave an impression on your customers, you would want your website to stand out among your competitors, right? If so, try to upload original images and infographics as much as possible since they can help establish your credibility.


3. Unclear Navigation To ‘Contact’

Your website is not just for display. It should be a platform where your potential customers can get in touch with you whenever they want to enquire about your products or services. 


To do so, you need to show your contact information explicitly. As such, any potential customers will know how to reach you once they visit your website.

For that to happen, consider creating a header in your website design. Here is an example:


Easy To Find Contact Information

4. Missing Call-To-Action

Another website design mistake you should correct is to add a call-to-action (CTA) to all of your campaigns. You should know that CTAs are more than just words. They are a part of your content that encourages the readers to take action. 


Whether your CTA is about contacting you or adding to the cart, having a strong CTA will drive conversion. If your CTA is engaging enough, it can convince your potential customer to decide on the spot. 


Here is a web design of our website with a CTA. The Get A Quote at the end helps encourage our potential customers to give their business a chance to elevate.


Example OF Cta On A Website


5. Overlooking The Importance Of Analytics

You might forget to analyse the performance of your website if you focus too much on its visual appearance. Remember, once the development of the website is done, evaluate your site’s SEO performance and speed to see whether it works well on search engines. 


Fortunately, you can utilise many tools that will let you evaluate your website performance, such as:



Designing a website is going to take a lot of time and effort. However, if you learn the basics of SEO and digital marketing, it will be easier to understand the principles of web design and development as time goes on. You can also consider working with a professional web design company in Singapore to achieve better results.


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