Google Algorithm: How to Stay Up-to-Date?

Google algorithm plays an essential role in how your website ranks in the search engine results page (SERP). The only problem is that Google updates its algorithm about 600 times a year – and that’s roughly two new updates every day. Although most of these updates are minor, there are occasional major algorithm updates that […]

5 Stages Of Declining Ranking Grief

Nothing can ever last forever. You may be able to have the most authoritative website online one moment, and next thing you know, you’re just one of the many number two’s out there in SERPS. Most times you can actually fight off getting defeated by your competitors. There’s always a way. But then there’s that […]

Will Google (Not Provided) spell doom for web analytics?

What it was before All along, webpage owners can easily gather data on how visitors “land” on their pages, with all the data from searches being sent to them. For example, you would like to search on “cheap air tickets”. The URL for the page with the search results would appear like this: The […]

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