What Is An SEO Report?


What Is An SEO Report


An SEO report is a vital document that analyses a website’s organic search performance, providing valuable insights on aspects like keyword relevance and traffic sources. It serves as a foundation for crafting effective digital marketing strategies and making improvements where necessary. By conducting assessments and evaluating website elements, SEO consultants in Singapore demonstrate their expertise and accountability, helping SEO agencies strengthen their relationships with clients. Clients, in turn, benefit from SEO reports by identifying areas for enhancement, rectifying mistakes, and monitoring the progress and impact of their website.


To generate accurate and comprehensive reports, it is crucial for SEO consultants to utilise reliable SEO reporting tools that automatically compile essential information and key performance indicators.


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Factors To Consider When Choosing an SEO Reporting Tool




When it comes to running an effective SEO campaign for a company in Singapore, SEO reports generated by SEO reporting tools play a crucial role. These reports provide valuable data, including flagged action items, that guide the optimisation efforts.


However, the abundance of SEO reporting tools in the market presents a challenge. To make an informed decision and select the right tool, there are several important factors that need to be considered.


1. Metrics and Data Accuracy


Accurate and comprehensive data is the foundation of any effective SEO strategy. When evaluating reporting tools, consider the metrics they provide and ensure they align with your specific goals.


Look for tools that offer a wide range of SEO metrics such as keyword rankings, backlinks, organic traffic, conversions, and social media engagement. Moreover, check if the tool uses reliable data sources and has a reputation for delivering accurate and up-to-date information.


2. User-Friendliness


A user-friendly interface is essential for maximising productivity and efficiency. The tool should have a clear and intuitive layout that allows you to navigate seamlessly through different features and functions.


Find an SEO reporting with easy-to-understand dashboards, customizable reports, and a straightforward setup process. Additionally, consider whether the tool provides user training or documentation to help you make the most of its features.


3. Customisation and Flexibility


Every business has unique reporting requirements, and a one-size-fits-all approach may not suit your needs. Choose an SEO reporting tool that allows you to customise reports according to your branding, add personalised comments, and include the specific metrics that matter most to your business. Flexibility in scheduling reports and setting up automated notifications is also crucial for saving time and staying updated on your SEO performance.


4. Integration


Your SEO reporting tool should seamlessly integrate with your existing marketing tools and platforms. This integration enables you to consolidate data from various sources and obtain a holistic view of your digital marketing efforts. It ensures that you can leverage data from multiple sources to make data-driven decisions.


5. Reporting Automation


Manual reporting can be time-consuming and prone to human error. To streamline your SEO reporting process, choose a tool that offers automation features. It will save valuable time and allows you to focus on analysing the data and implementing effective SEO strategies.


6. Data Visualisation


Data visualisation is crucial for understanding complex SEO metrics and trends quickly. Clear and concise visual representation of data like charts, graphs enables you to identify patterns, track progress, and communicate your SEO performance effectively to stakeholders and clients.


7. Mobile Compatibility


Ensure that the reporting tool you choose is mobile-friendly and offers a responsive design. This allows you to access your reports and monitor your SEO performance from any device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


8. Customer Support


Technical issues or questions may arise while using an SEO reporting tool, so reliable customer support is crucial. Beside being responsive to your concern, they should provide resources such as documentation, video tutorials, and a knowledge base to assist you in troubleshooting common issues.


9. Pricing


When comparing various SEO reporting tools, take your budget into account. To meet the needs and scale of your firm, look for solutions with variable price options. Some programs have tiers of price based on the features or amount of data you need. To make sure the tool supports your business objectives, consider its cost-effectiveness and long-term scalability.


10. User Reviews


Genuine user feedback can provide valuable insights into the tool’s performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Look for consistent positive reviews and consider any potential drawbacks mentioned by users.


Finding the ideal SEO reporting tools for your SEO reports can be difficult, so we’ve compiled a list of the best SEO reporting tools you can use to make things easier. The fundamental metrics of an SEO report are covered in the section after this one.



Basic Metrics Of An SEO Report


For SEO beginners, it is important to understand the most vital metrics in SEO reports. If you are unfamiliar with crucial SEO report metrics, continue reading this section.


A basic SEO report comes with an introduction about the client’s website, its server speed, chronological age, and the number of visitors. They would also know which competing companies they are against on the first 10 ranking of SERPs.


First 10 of SERPs


Nevertheless, a good SEO report will also include a few basic metrics, such as:


SEO Report Basic Metrics


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Hence, an SEO reporting tool is crucial to gain insights from these essential metrics to help businesses determine the performance of an SEO campaign.



Top SEO Reporting Tools


Based on what we have discussed and the list mentioned above, here are some of the top SEO reporting tools, which can help create a good and effective SEO report.




Free SEO Reporting Tools (With Paid Options)


1. Google Analytics


The most vital factor for SEO is organic ranking. Google has more than proved itself—accounting for more than 5.6 billion searches per day. And that is equivalent to 86% of global desktop search traffic and 83 % of global market share.


To track the traffic of your website, using Google Analytics is vital. With this SEO reporting tool, you can also check whether your SEO efforts are making progress or not.


Google Analytics Example


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Suitable for: Bloggers and businesses of all sizes


Pricing: Standard Google Analytics is a free tool, while the premium version, the price of Google Analytics 360 differs.


2. Databox


Databox is a tracking and reporting tool that can help you keep track of your key performance indicators in one location. This SEO reporting tool compiles every relevant data and presents everything in a comprehensible style.


landing page of databox


Suitable for: Businesses of all sizes


Pricing: Databox offers a free forever plan and its paid plan starts at $72/month.


Free SEO Reporting Tools (With Limitations)


3. SEO PowerSuite


Its name is not only for boastful remarks, but the SEO Powersuite is jam-packed full of features. With this SEO reporting tool, you can do link management, backlink checker and research, website auditing, and a lot more.


landing page of SEO powersuite


Suitable for: Businesses of all sizes


Pricing: SEO PowerSuite is free but for limited features. While for the unlimited enterprise version, it would cost $699/year.


4. Siteliner


Apart from finding duplicate content on a website, Siteliner is an SEO reporting tool, which can pinpoint any broken links, ranking, and redirection. All you need to do is type the URL on the internal search bar of the landing page.


landing page of siteliner


Suitable for: Beginners and Businesses of all sizes


Pricing: The free Siteliner service can only analyse up to 250 pages, while the premium version can analyse up to 25,000 pages, but signing up is required.


Free SEO Reporting Tools


5. Google Search Central


Another SEO reporting tool that you can use and rely on is Google Search Central, formerly known as—Google Webmaster is SEO report software you can use to increase the discoverability of your content on SERPs. This software still has the Webmasters tools marketers love.


Landing Page of Google Search Central


Suitable for: Anyone


Pricing: Google Search Central is free and open to use for everyone with no limit to the number of participants.


6. Google Search Console


Google Search Console is another SEO tool for monitoring, maintaining, and troubleshooting a website’s presence on Google Search results. It can be used to find indexing and spam problems, review Google Search traffic data, and fix mobile usability, AMP, and Search feature issues.




Suitable for: Business owners, SEO specialists and marketers, web developers, and site administrators


Pricing: Google Search Console is a free tool.


7. Google Data Studio


Another best SEO reporting software you can use is Google Data Studio. With its pretty robust features, you can run advanced data analysis. You could also perform visualisation work to improve your website performance and search engine rankings. You can further ramp up your website performance and search engine rankings using the Google Keywords Planner.


Google Data Studio Sample Reports


Screenshot provided and came from datastudio.google.com


Suitable for: For anyone


Pricing: Google Data Studio free to use for anyone


Paid SEO Reporting Tools (With Free Trial)


8. SE Ranking


If you are looking for a cost-effective tool, SE Ranking is the best SEO report tool for you. It has a pretty impressive collection of SEO-related tools, from backlink checker, explorer, current and historical position tracking, suggestion tool for keyword, and more.


Landing Page of SE Ranking


Suitable for: Businesses of all sizes


Pricing: SE Ranking offers a 14-day free trial, and plans start at $18.60 a month, which may change depending on your SEO needs.


9. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is an SEO reporting tool for backlink profiling and competitive benchmarking. Both these are crucial for SEO in Singapore.


If you can comprehend your backlink profile, you can fix issues and gather a healthy network of links. In return, you can help improve the overall performance of your website.


landing page of ahrefs


Suitable for: Businesses of all sizes


Pricing: Apart from the 7-day free trial for $7, the monthly plan starts at $99/month. The Lite plan is $179/month. The standard plan is $399/month, and for Advanced plan is $999/month.


10. SEMrush


Besides Ahrefs, SEMrush is another comprehensive SEO reporting tool that can give you valuable digital marketing insight regarding your website. One of its notable features is Ad builder, which can help you create compelling ad text for Google Ads or for social media posters.


Example of SEMRush


Suitable for: Businesses of all sizes


Pricing: Besides SEMrush Pro or Guru for free for seven (7) days, its pro plan starts at $119.95/month, while for Business Plan, you need to pay $499.95/month.


11. MOZ


Another all-in-one SEO reporting tool that you can use for checking the visibility, traffic, and ranking of your website is MOZ. Despite its short brand name, it has complete features, from basic to advanced, which beginners or experts in SEO can use.


Example of MOZ


Suitable for: Businesses of all sizes


Pricing: MOZ offers a 30-day free trial, but its standard plan starts at $99/month. The medium plan is $179/month, the large plan is $299/month, and the premium plan is $599/month.


12. GrowthBar


Meanwhile, GrowthBar is another SEO reporting tool for checking keywords, such as a keywords planner, evaluating competitors’ performance, reviewing used backlinks, and many more. Using this can help one think and strategise their SEO plan.


Landing page of growthbar


Suitable for: Businesses of all sizes


Pricing: GrowthBar offers a 5-day free trial once you sign up, and after that, you may pay $29/month for the standard plan. While $79/month for the Pro plan and $129/month for the agency plan.


13. KWFinder


Another affordable SEO reporting tool solution that you can use is KWFinder. Despite its affordable plans, it has exciting features, such as a tool for keyword research, rank tracking, and SERPs & backlink checker and analysis.


landing page kwfinder


Suitable for: Beginners and Businesses of all sizes


Pricing: KWfinder offers a 10-day free trial. Once exhausted, you may get the basic plan for $29/month. While a premium plan would cost $39/month, and the agency plan is $79/month.


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14. Rival IQ


Even though Rival IQ is more on social media analytics, it can also provide a competitive advantage when combined with SEO reporting tools for agencies when combined with other SEO reporting tools. It gathers information about relevant competitors to assist you in gaining customer insights and fine-tuning your online strategy.


landing page of rival iq


Suitable for: Businesses of all sizes


Pricing: Rival IQ offers a 14-day free trial. Afterwards, you may pay $239/month, $329/month, and $519/month to track up to 10, 20, or 40 competitors.


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As an agency, OOm recognises the importance of utilising SEO reporting tools to generate comprehensive reports for our clients. By subscribing to these tools, we are able to provide our clients with valuable insights and metrics without requiring them to invest in the tool themselves. This arrangement allows our clients to access a wider range of metrics and data, empowering them to make informed decisions and optimise their websites effectively. Instead of incurring additional costs by purchasing the tool, they can leverage our agency’s expertise and resources to gain a deeper understanding of their website’s performance.


Working with an SEO agency in Singapore not only provides access to advanced SEO tools but also ensures that clients receive expert analysis and guidance in interpreting the report findings. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your website’s SEO, improve your online presence, and achieve your digital marketing goals.


If you need an SEO report for your website, get in touch with our SEO services in Singapore. You could contact OOm either at 6391-0930 or send an email to support@oom.com.sg.

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