Keyword Research: How To Find The Best Keywords For Your SEO Strategy?

Keyword research is the backbone of SEO services. Without it, the purpose of conducting SEO is non-existent. Doing keyword research involves searching for the right keywords. As a result, you can use them for digital marketing to reach the right audience and drive traffic to your website.


While it usually occurs during the beginning of your digital marketing campaign, keyword research is also an ongoing process that will help you create better SEO strategies. It can be time-consuming, but the rewards of keyword research are worth your hard work once you find the perfect keywords for your SEO and marketing strategy in Singapore.




keywords importance to SEO


Regardless of the language, whether English, Indonesian, Malaysian, or Chinese, keyword research plays an essential role in SEO. It is the key to finding the right keywords that will get you closer to your target audience.


Never underestimate the power of keyword research for SEO. The foundation of your SEO strategy will rely on consistent keyword research, so continue to search for the right keywords to improve your rankings and adapt to constantly changing search engine algorithms.


Similar to studying for a thesis, the purpose of keyword research services is to gain knowledge about search engines and valuable keywords for your SEO strategy. Your goal is to search for relevant keywords that you can use to improve your SEO rankings.


For example, if you are managing an SEO campaign for a digital marketing agency in Singapore, your keywords could include:


  • Digital marketing services
  • Search engine optimisation 
  • SEO
  • Search engine marketing
  • Digital marketing in Singapore


These mentioned keywords are relevant to the company and its line of work. Therefore, using such keywords for your SEO campaign can improve your search engine rankings, allowing you to reach more users and earn clicks. 


Nonetheless, these are just examples of what your keywords could look like for your SEO. Do keyword research for SEO to know which terms and phrases offer the best chances of improving your rankings.


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Keyword research services are also vital for SEO because search engines like Google love to undergo minor and major updates, even when you least expect it. What is valuable for your SEO today may not be the same next month. In that case, you should update your SEO strategy with a keyword research service regularly to know if your SEO campaign is performing well.


How to find the best keywords for SEO? Find out here.




SEO keywords



Using negative keywords is an effective way to improve your SEO strategy. What are negative keywords anyway, and how can you use them to your advantage?


Negative keywords are a type of keyword that prevents your ads from getting triggered by specific words or phrases. Your ad will not appear on any search engine results page (SERP) based on a query with your negative keywords of choice.


For example, you can use negative keywords like “free” and “cheap” for your paid ads. In doing so, your ads will never show up on SERPs based on the mentioned keywords.


You may be thinking about how this strategy will benefit your SEO. After all, getting more ads to appear on many SERPs should help you earn as many clicks as possible. But with negative keywords, you can prevent your paid ads from showing up on irrelevant search results. That means you can save money by avoiding clicks from people with no purchasing intent.



Check which keywords are earning more clicks and directing traffic to your website. If your SEO strategy is not generating enough leads, you may want to use more long-tail keywords. Consider paying an SEO agency in Singapore for its long-tail keyword research service to use terms with higher conversion rates.


Long-tail keywords use more words and characters. As a result, they usually have fewer clicks than short keywords. On the bright side, long-tail keywords attract a niche audience and have a much higher conversion rate.


Consider using less popular long-tail keywords that could help you earn more clicks! Experiment with a handful of long-tail keywords to discover which ones are benefitting your SEO the most.


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Choose a type of keyword intent that will help you gain clicks and attract users. According to Practical Ecommerce, there are four types of keyword intent:


  • Navigational
  • Informational
  • Investigational
  • Transactional


Navigational keyword intent refers to keywords used for searching a specific website. Take advantage of navigational keywords to help users search for your website.


As for informational keyword intent, keywords under this category provide results in response to the user’s questions. You can use informational keywords for providing users with information about the answers they wish to seek.


Next is investigational intent, a type of keyword intent that aims to compare results from one another. People using investigational keywords are usually comparing products or services with one another.


Lastly, transactional keyword intent is for digital marketing and attracting customers. Transactional keywords such as “purchase”, “buy”, or “sale” fall under this type of keyword intent. Let your search engine marketing (SEM) or pay-per-click (PPC) campaign revolve around transactional keywords to attract customers and drive sales.



The journey to finding the perfect keywords is a never-ending process. Enhance your SEO strategy with keyword research services to make sure your rankings are up on top in the long run.


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