Recap: Wrapping up 2021 Social Media Trends

Social media has taken over the world by storm. Most of us are likely to own more than one social media account considering the myriad of social media applications available today. From entertainment and getting information to connecting with friends and family and online shopping, social media brings a slew of benefits to its users. With the rising number of social media users, businesses are also starting to realise the importance of incorporating social media marketing into their business. In 2021, the social media trends included more brick and mortar stores utilising social media, more virtual events and SEO-centric Instagram marketing.

Social Media Trends in 2022

A new year brings with it new trends and in 2022, we see how social media can be leveraged in multiple ways to help businesses thrive and enhance their online presence. Therefore in this article, we will take a look at some of the growing social media habits, giving you a better understanding of how your business can maximise social media marketing to drive returns efficiently and effectively this year.

5 Social Media Trends In 2022

1. Increase in User Generated Content

User generated content (UGC) refers to content created by individuals who are not associated with your business or brand. In the age of social media, sharing of opinions is highly encouraged, making it no surprise for people to talk about their feelings about certain topics including your brand. Perhaps the best part about UGC is that your brand achieves greater exposure and online visibility with little effort required from you. However, UGC can be a double-edged sword and where good reviews reflect well on your business, bad ones may be detrimental. As such, it is key to always deliver quality products and services for positive UGC in digital marketing.

Examples Of User Generated Content UGC

2. Short Form Video Content

While there is no universally agreed upon duration for short form videos, they generally last up to a maximum of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Short form video has been dominating social media marketing, considering how instant gratification has decreased attention spans. This is reflected with the rise of TikTok, where all content revolves around short form videos. With 1.2 billion monthly active users in Q4 2021 and a projected 1.8 billion users by the end of 2022, the relevance and popularity of short form video content cannot be understated.

3. Social Media Shopping

At the peak of the pandemic, social media shopping was all the rage to better safeguard our health and adhere to safe distancing measures. While COVID-19 restrictions have eased significantly, that is not to say that social media shopping will phase out. The convenience and efficiency social media shopping brings have rendered many consumers to continue this trend. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, social media ad spending hit $41.5 billion in 2020. This indicates the indispensability of ecommerce as a social media management strategy.

Overviews Of Social media Shopping On Facebook And Instagram


4. Live Streams

During live streams, audiences can watch their favourite content creators in real time. Many social media apps have now incorporated the live streaming function, enabling anybody to live stream whenever they want to. The growth of live streams can be attributed to the fact that it creates a deeper connection between the streamer and viewer via real time interactivity. Viewers can react with emojis and even type out questions in which the streamers can respond to immediately. This makes Q&As a popular live stream content that businesses can take advantage of.

Showing How Live Streaming Works

5. Social Media Messaging

Social media messaging has evolved beyond simply receiving and sending messages. Group chat and poll features have empowered users to share their opinions and start conversations. For many ecommerce businesses, social media messaging has become the go-to digital marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) strategy. With the use of chatbots, ecommerce business owners can use social media messaging to answer common online shopping related customer queries such as order status and inventory efficiently. As more online users demand interactive engagement opportunities, businesses can fulfil this need with social media messaging.

Social Media Messaging Apps That Businesses Can Use


Above are just some of the 2022 social media trends. If you wish to boost your following and engagement on social media, try implementing some of these trends into your digital marketing campaigns! But first, it is first essential to understand the benefits they offer and how you can fully maximise them for the best results. Check out our whitepaper, where we go in depth exploring the benefits and tips you can leverage to achieve your desired outcome. Looking to optimise your digital marketing and advertising campaigns in Singapore? OOm provides a full suite of solutions and services. Contact us today for more information!


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