Understanding Colour Theory & Why It Matters in Digital Marketing

The concept of colour theory is not anything new. The term has been used profusely in the past, first appearing in Leonardo da Vinci’s writings in the 1400s.  Today, it remains an essential factor in disciplines like art and science but more so in the digital marketing industry. We have touched on this topic—colour psychology, […]

What’s Hot: Web Design Trends You Should Look Out for This 2020

There might be a lot of changes in today’s digital marketing as we are now entering another year. However, we think that our reliance on websites will never, ever change anytime soon, at least in the foreseeable future. Especially now that Google is becoming stricter with what site owners and other content marketers put on […]

The Power of Inclusive Marketing in Singapore

We all know how culturally diverse Singapore is. Beyond the fascinating architecture, the magnificent waters at the Marina Bay Sands, and the magical glimmer you see from the two at night, the real beauty of Singapore can be seen from the people in the country that embrace each other regardless of race, gender, and other […]

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