How to Create a Social Media Marketing Content Calendar?

With the increasing number of social media users worldwide, great content will secure a spot on a business’s followers or target audience’s News Feed. Every social media marketing campaign you put up on social media platforms is a perfect opportunity for your business to interact, connect, and communicate with your consumers and introduce your brand. […]

Why Is Brand Personality Important to Digital Marketing?

We all know that personality is everything. We often consider that when making friends, business deals, or deciding which shop to buy from.    And when it comes to brands, personality goes beyond the logo, colour scheme, and tagline. What does that mean for your business and digital marketing campaigns? It is a branding image […]

Branding And Storytelling: Why Telling Stories Is Important


Everyone has a story to tell. Whether it’s about a person’s struggle to reach their goals or how failures can eventually lead to success, a story can inspire hopes and dreams. That is why storytelling is an essential part of branding.   By telling a story about your business, you can connect with your audience […]

Understanding Colour Theory & Why It Matters In Digital Marketing

The concept of colour theory is not anything new. The term has been used profusely in the past, first appearing in Leonardo da Vinci’s writings in the 1400s.    Today, it remains an essential factor in disciplines like art and science but more so in the digital marketing industry. We have touched on this topic—colour […]

The Power Of Inclusive Marketing In Singapore

We all know how culturally diverse Singapore is. Beyond the fascinating architecture, the magnificent waters at the Marina Bay Sands, and the magical glimmer you see from the two at night, the real beauty of Singapore can be seen from the people in the country that embrace each other regardless of race, gender, and other […]