How to Create a Strategic Content Calendar

Content is king, so they say. With the current tides of digital marketing, great content will ensure your spot up the search engine results pages as many genuinely open and engage with your posts. Every content you put up online is a perfect opportunity for your business to interact with your consumers. This makes it ideal for businesses to introduce their brand.


However, with a lot of happenings every day, some might become overwhelmed about getting in on the trend that they tend to lose their brand personality or start having too many unnecessary posts. With this said, you would just need more organised planning with a well-strategised content calendar. Here’s how you can create a strategic content calendar:



Determine Your Brand Voice


Before you post anything online, you first have to determine your brand voice. This will vary on the type of industry you are in. Your target consumers will also be a big factor for this. Since you are catering to a particular audience, you must speak in the way they speak, so they will be more encouraged to trust your brand. You will then be able to carry this brand voice with you as you set up your content. Consistency is key in writing your content as this will greatly affect the audiences’ reception of their brand. This is also a way for them to get to know your brand as you establish your brand personality.



Audit Your Content


It is also necessary to assess what you have reached when revamping with a more strategic content calendar. Audit your content to know the topics that you have already written about. Auditing your content is also about gauging which post has gained many audiences and why. From doing an audit of your content, you also get to know the posts that did not reach as many engagements as they should. From here, you would know the reasons why and would soon learn from it.



Study Social Media Weather


As setting up your content isn’t only about posting blogs on your website, you must also learn the workings of social media. We must remember that every social media platform offers a different vibe compared to the other. There is also something tricky about posting on your social media. It would help a lot if you know the peak hours where most people go online and check things out in their respective social media accounts. This is when it’s the best to post your content as it will receive the most engagements.



Figure Out What Your Brand Needs


This is when you now start thinking about the right topics and angles that you want for your content. In order to do this, you must know what your brand needs. From here, you can now pitch topics that align with your brand’s personality and with how it intends to present itself in the long run. We know that you may want to get in with the trend but you must first assess if a particular trend would go along with the brand identity you are trying to put up.



Pitch Content Ideas


As much as possible, do your brainstorming with a group. This allows you to stretch your creativity even more as you hear ideas with a group. This also allows you to stay in check with the content that you want to place on your calendar



Track Your Content Calendar


This is crucial to keeping track of the posts that you intend to publish. Now that you have the right topics and the assessment of the right time when you should post, you must now track your content calendar. Of course, you are to schedule it during the peak hours of social media activity and website engagements. Scheduling your posts ahead of time will also help as it keeps you from overlooking a day where you should have posted something. When tracking your content calendar, it is necessary to input everything that you need to know like a few details about the post, the link where it is posted, and more.



Share Away!


Now that you have planned everything out, scheduled it for posting or have already posted it, you should now share it so it gains as many engagements as it should. Tell your family, friends, and colleagues to share it so more people will know about it. This is also a good way for more people to know your brand.


These are just a few tips on how to create a strategic content calendar. From the tips above, you can see that there really is special regard for the preparation and getting to know your brand, your consumers, and the platform from where you are going to post your content. Tracking your content calendar is one thing, but knowing the background of what, when, and how to post it is one thing. Creating a content calendar and tracking it can surely be challenging. This is especially challenging especially if you are focusing on a particular process in your business. Good thing, you can now outsource your digital marketing campaigns which handle social media and content marketing. Here in Singapore, you can rely on many SEO companies like OOm.

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