How to Create a Social Media Marketing Content Calendar?

With the increasing number of social media users worldwide, great content will secure a spot on a business’s followers or target audience’s News Feed. Every social media marketing campaign you put up on social media platforms is a perfect opportunity for your business to interact, connect, and communicate with your consumers and introduce your brand.


However, with many happenings every day, some might become overwhelmed and cannot keep up with the latest news and trends. Along the way, you may lose your brand personality or start having too many unnecessary posts. 

To prevent that, make sure to be more organised in planning your social media marketing campaigns. Here is how to create a social media content calendar.


7 Tips For Creating A Social Media Marketing Content Calendar


1. Audit Content on Social Media Platforms.


Before you post your next social media marketing campaign, you first have to audit the content you posted on all of your social media platforms. 


Auditing your content will help pinpoint what is working and need improvement on your social media management strategies. You will also know what topics you have already written about and share with your target audience. As such, no duplicate content will get published on your social media, and you can determine what topic you should post next based on the latest news and trends.

To audit your social media content, go to the social media channels you use and note down all the changes, whether positive or negative. To picture how it works, here is a guide from Neil Patel.



2. Choose Your Social Media Channels.


Besides Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there are other more popular social media platforms out there. As a business owner, you need to use the perfect channels to interact, connect, and communicate with your target audience more effectively. 


To know which one you should use, here are the types of social media channels and their uses. 


  • Social Networks – use of branding, social awareness, building relationship, and customer service (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
  • Media Sharing Networks – find and share image or video with content (e.g., Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok)
  • Discussing Forums – find, share, and discuss compelling topics and opinions (e.g., Reddit, Quora, and Digg)

Among these social media channels, make sure to choose a platform that fits your needs. Doing so will guarantee your social media marketing campaign for your company will be successful.



3. Have a Brainstorming Session.


Once you know which social media channels you should use to reach your target audience, it is now time to think. Have a brainstorming session with your digital marketing staff and let them pitch their ideas and opinions. 

As such, you will be able to stretch your creativity even more as you hear ideas with your team. It also allows you to check the content you want to place on your social media marketing content calendar.



4. Decide Which App to Use to Track Content Calendar.


After you list down every idea and opinion of your digital marketing staff and think of topics for your social media marketing campaigns, the next thing you need to do is decide which tool to use to track your content calendar. 


You should know that human memory is not perfect. Sometimes, things can slip through our minds, and as a business owner, you cannot afford that as your profit is at stake.  

To guarantee you will be hands-on with your social media marketing content calendar, use a tool like a Google spreadsheet. With this, you will know the date and time and who is the person that made any change.



5. Make a Content Library.


Time is precious, and not everyone can afford to waste every second. So instead of going to the office and checking the desktop computer’s folder about what content to post, you should upload everything in centralised storage so any of your digital marketing staff can access it anytime and anywhere.  


A great place to use as a content library is Google Drive. Here, you can store, save, and create documents whenever you need them and wherever you are. As such, your social media marketing campaign is always ready for posting. 

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6. Invite The Team To Proofread & Review


When creating your social media marketing content calendar, you must do these things thoroughly. Ensure you are careful what words, sentences, or phrases to share with your target audience to keep them engaged with your brand.


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To guarantee that, invite the entire digital marketing staff to proofread and review their works. Doing so will help them pinpoint the misspelt words, vague sentences and make their social media marketing campaign more engaging.



7. Share Away!


Once done, you have two options. Post it right away or schedule each content on certain days. Either way is okay, and both are better since your target audience will become more engaged with what you offer if they often see your social media marketing campaign on their News Feed. 


But the question is, how often should you post?


The answer depends on your goal. Also, the time and effort you would like to spend. But here is the ideal ratio of how frequent your social media post should be.


  • Facebook pages – once or twice a day
  • Twitter – five to ten times a day
  • Instagram – once or thrice a day
  • LinkedIn – two times a week



Final Remarks

These are just a few tips on how to create a strategic social media marketing content calendar. You can see that many preparations need to be made before anyone can see a post on social media platforms. 


That is why if you barely have time to create one yourself and manage your social media, then hire a social media management expert instead. They can ease the hassle since they will do everything from content ideas to content posting.

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