As humans, it’s in our nature to be attracted to each other based on visual factors and characteristics. It’s the same way how animals are interested in one another.


Such a case is similar to how we’re interested in brands with human-like traits. We tend to come closer to companies that exhibit human-like characteristics.


Look at it this way: do you prefer to communicate with a robot or a human? You’d probably choose the latter. But what if the robot’s almost human-like, from head to toe? You wouldn’t see the difference.


Case in point, brands with human-like characteristics have a higher chance of attracting audiences. No one wants to converse with a spooky robot, anyway. 



Especially not this robot. Geez! Halloween came early.


So the question is: How do you create a brand identity with human traits? Here are a few tips on how to do so!



Build A Friendly Face

It’s easy to create a brand personality, but it’s hard to keep it intact. Start by building a friendly face that can attract all kinds of people! Here are a few factors that might help:


  • An identity that’s easy to remember works best.
  • Give your brand a personality that’s full of passion and creativity.
  • Prove to your customers that you can be on the same level as them.


Let’s start with your brand personality. What’s your line of work? Who’s your target audience? Consider these two questions as they’re essential for building a brand personality.


Your line of work should determine what kind of voice you’ll exhibit. For example, if you’re in the fast-food industry, then you have to create a voice that’s friendly and casual. On the other hand, if you’re managing a fancy restaurant, then you have to be more formal and professional.


As for your target audience, this is where you have to build a personality related to specific people. Establish a voice that will resonate with your target audience so your customers can relate with your business even more.



Next Step? Visuals

After you plan the kind of voice your business needs to showcase, the next step is to design your personality.


Since words and voice will make up for your personality, designing it should consist of colours, logos, and other visuals. Believe it or not, colours can make a difference, regardless of your preference. Some colours can make you feel happy, while others are sad or gloomy. 


With that said, there’s nothing wrong with using sad colours; it’s all about matching the right colours with your brand personality! Here are some colours and their associated emotions:


  • Red – Anger, passion
  • Blue – Sadness, calmness
  • Yellow – Cowardice, happiness
  • Grey – Loneliness, stoicism
  • White – Shock, coldness
  • Pink – Love, cheeriness
  • Green – Envy, greed, disgust



While these are the emotions that are associated with their respective colours, how they’ll mean to your audience is up to you. The key is to know which colours put together to build a unique brand personality!



No Need To Innovate

It’s important to build a friendly-face that’s unique or original, but that doesn’t mean you need to invent a brand new identity. You must understand that there’s a framework for different types of consumers, which is up to you on how you can relate to your target market.


Rarely do businesses succeed by inventing something new and original. It’s because most people probably don’t relate to their brand identity. As such, you must build a brand identity that’s familiar to your audience, but original enough to stand out.


Here are some factors that your customers should relate to:


  • Comedy – Everyone likes to hear a good joke once in a while, as long as it’s easily understandable.
  • Culture – Most people grow up in different cultures. Discover the culture of your target audience and take advantage of it.
  • Love – We all need someone to love. Anyone can relate to love, so you can produce heartwarming content to make your business seem genuine and down to Earth!



Create A Character

In video games, players like to create a character that represents them in different ways. Some players like to create a character to represent them in real life, while others want to create a representation of who they want to be.


The same goes for your brand. If you want to complete your brand personality, give it a face as well! Like how McDonald’s has a clown and Burger King has a literal king, your business could use a friendly face!



You can use a real-life person to represent your company (like a celebrity or famous person) or create a mascot out of scratch. It’s up to you, as long as your customer will interpret it the right way!


These tips are essential for helping you grow your social media marketing campaign in Singapore. Prioritise your brand identity so your customers can relate with your business even more.


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