Why Is Brand Personality Important to Digital Marketing?

We all know that personality is everything. We often consider that when making friends, business deals, or deciding which shop to buy from. 


And when it comes to brands, personality goes beyond the logo, colour scheme, and tagline. What does that mean for your business and digital marketing campaigns? It is a branding image that you create so your target market remembers who and what you are.


Once you have created a brand personality for your business, expect them to relate more with you. They would understand your brand, from the message you want to relay to what you offer. 


To learn more about brand personality, keep on reading. We shall discuss the reasons why brand personality matters to your business and digital marketing

What Is Brand Personality?

The brand personality of your business is your brand image. That is the human trait your brand is known by most people. The characteristic that your brand has is something unique to you.


In other words, brand personality is something you use to represent your business when creating and sharing campaigns, whether for SEO or social media marketing. 


Using the brand personality of your business, you would be able to connect, interact, and communicate even better with your target audience. 


So far, there are five brand personalities that many brands use, and they are the common traits that consumers often relate to. 


  • Excitement: Adventurousness, carefree, spirited, boldness and youthful
  • Competence: Successful, accomplished, dependable, and influential
  • Ruggedness: Rough, tough, reliable, outdoorsy, and sporty or athletic.
  • Sincerity: Wholesomeness, kindness, cheerfulness, thoughtfulness
  • Sophistication: Elegant, prestigious, composure, confident and sometimes even pretentious

3 Reasons Why Brand Personality Important to Digital Marketing

3 Reasons Why Brand Personality Important to Digital Marketing


1. Reflects the Benefits Of A Brand To Its Customers

The best way to instil in the mind of your customers what they could gain from and expect from your business, products or services and if you meet their needs is through brand personality. 


As customers often would see your digital marketing campaign from one form to another, your brand personality would leave a mark in their heads. 


2. Makes Digital Marketing Strategies Easier And More Effective

Similar to drawing a portrait, it is much easier if you already have an outline ready. You should know that creating digital marketing campaigns that resonate with your customers is not that easy, especially if you have to think of something on the spot. 


However, things would be different if your business already has its own brand personality. If you know what tone and words to use, creating digital marketing campaigns becomes easier. Since you already have an outline, you can simply follow what you did previously.


3. Protects A Brand From Others

Even if your business has the same name as others and both of you sell similar things, your business’s brand personality would make you stand out. That is how it can protect your brand from others.


The way you connect, interact, and communicate with your customers is something no one cannot take away from you. Even more, if you have already spelt out the brand personality of your business. 

2 Examples Of Brand Personality

1. Volvo

For many years, Volvo has been a brand that prides itself on automotive safety, and that is the brand personality they use to promote their products online. Watch this video to help you understand.



2. MoonPie

Unlike the first example of brand personality, MoonPie is fun but a little bit weird. Take this  social media marketing campaign they made on Twitter. 




Despite their weirdness, many people can resonate well with MoonPie, and that is all thanks to its brand personality. Their target audience loved MoonPie that way and made their followers like, retweet, and share their posts.

How To Create A Brand Personality?

Now that we have shown the types of brand personalities, talked about why brand personality is vital to digital marketing, and listed down a few examples, let’s discuss how you can create a brand personality for your business. 


Here are the steps that you should consider and follow to successfully create a brand personality.


  • Determine what does your business value the most.
  • Observe your customers and make them your inspiration.
  • Ask yourself what your brand would become if it is human: how it talks or acts.
  • Let your team know and execute your brand personality to your digital marketing campaigns.

Your Takeaway!

The brand personality of your business has a direct influence on your customers. It can either make or break your relationship with them. 


Does your current brand personality go well with your customers? If not, then maybe it is time to rebrand your image into something that will resonate more with your target market.


If you need help with your business’s brand personality, OOm can lend you a hand. Contact our award winning digital marketing agency at 6391-0930.