Most Famous Brand Slogans And What Businesses Can Learn From Them?

Every day, we consume brands and commodities that we have grown to love and has stayed with us for how long can we remember. We may have discovered those brands by chance or from our family and friends but a big factor of their success may still be credited to their witty brand slogans and […]

Why Infographics is Powerful

Thanks to the internet, users from all over the world can now access any information anytime. Many business owners and digital marketers made use of this capability to introduce their brand to a large pool of users. But because of the large amount of information available on the web, it is difficult to stand out […]

Design Showcase: Brands and logo transformation

Apart from their products and services, brands only have one solid identifier: their logo. With the fast-changing consumer demands and preferences, it’s necessary for companies to keep up with the interest of their target market. Because as much as search engine optimization helps on the overall visibility of your site on search engines, the impression […]

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