Look Who's Talking: Serena Chen

Apr 07 2018

Look Who’s Talking: Serena Chen

Written by Kristofer Benigno

Today we give you a sneak-peek at some of OOM’s most notable people and clients as part of our ongoing column series titled “Look Who’s Talking”! Here, you will meet the people behind OOm’s success and know more about them.


First in our series is the energetic yet diligent Head of the Accounts Management team: Serena Chen.


Describe your role at OOm.

Heading the Account Management Team and providing the team with necessary support and guidance on client management & making sure that processes are set in place. I am also managing key accounts of OOm –  establishing good relationship/support with clients, and at the same time working with the team in strategising an effective marketing plan to achieve the KPI set by the client.


What’s your favourite past time, especially during your office breaks?

Retail therapy is the way to go!


Which fictional character do you think closely resembles you? Why?

Sorry I really can’t think of any! Hahaha!


What hidden characteristic do you have that not many people know about?

I enjoy having a drink or 2 during my free time, to relax and take my mind off the fast pace that has been happening during working hours. And, as weird as it sounds, browsing and purchasing stationaries take away some stress for the day too!


As an Account Manager, what challenges do you face on a daily basis? How do you overcome those challenges?

Most of the time, every task on hand is urgent. Therefore staying focus and clear helps to better prioritise the to-do list and increased productivity = happy clients.


We also need to be quick-witted/tactful when it comes to problem-solving. It is not just about addressing the needs of clients but also thinking a few steps ahead to ensure the success of the campaigns.


What’s the most memorable account you handled? Tell us a little bit about it.

Clients who are highly digital-savvy. They constantly throw challenges to test you on various strategies on how to enhance the campaign performance. It is also through challenges like these that push us to the next level on how we can always keep ourselves up to date with the latest digital trends.


How do you keep clients satisfied with the services of OOm?

By going the extra mile and to fully understand my client’s nature of business.


Most clients appreciate constant feedback and suggestions on how to improve their campaign performance. We also make it a point to be transparent with our campaigns. Thus, giving clients peace of mind that their campaign is in good hands


In your many years as an account manager for OOm, what’s your biggest achievement?

Progressing to where I am today helped strengthen myself individually and having more confidence in facing various challenges that come my way. I would also love to think through my roles and responsibilities, I have somehow provided some form of inspiration to my teammates in becoming future leaders.


What do you love about OOm?

Being family-orientated and having a closely-knitted team.


In OOm, we set a culture in which we address issues on how we can improve individually and work on our flaws. As a team, we do not bear grudges on negative feedback we have for one another. Our ultimate goal is to gear the team towards achieving optimal results for the company and for our clients.


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