Look Who’s Talking: Serena Chen


Today we give you a sneak-peek at some of OOm’s most notable people as part of our ongoing column series titled “Look Who’s Talking”! Here, you will meet the people behind OOm’s success and know more about them.


Next in our series is the energetic yet diligent Head of Operations: Serena Chen.


Serena Chen, Head of Operations

1. Describe your role at OOm. What does a typical day look like?

I manage the content team which consists of Social Media Strategist, Digital Content Writers, Digital Designers & Motion Graphic Designers.

Content plays an important role in various aspects of our service offering and the team of writers not only writes based on best practices of SEO and SEM, they also strike a balance by coming up with content that appeals to a wide range of audiences. That is not all! Our creative team of designers takes care of the aesthetic elements of these content so that they are visually appealing and easier to digest.


2. Why did you choose a career in the digital marketing industry?


I took a leap of faith back then when I was introduced to this industry, I had no idea or clue on what to expect. I wanted to experience new challenges and indeed, many were thrown my way! Looking back, I had totally no regrets in embarking on this journey! I have the opportunity to learn new things continuously, even up till today!


The Content Team of OOM Singapore


3. What is the most fulfilling part of your job?


I have learnt that people management is not the easiest part of the job. It is however very rewarding to know that I am not only able to guide my colleagues on work-related matters, but also be someone whom they can look up to and approach for advice on areas that build and shape their character.



Serena Chen As A Working Mom

4. What is your favourite pastime, especially during your office breaks?

Retail therapy is the way to go!


As a working mom, I also take this time to browse through videos of my kids. They give me strength and motivation to strive hard and to push myself to do even better.



5. What hidden characteristic do you have that not many people know about?

Contrary to popular belief, I can be pretty short fused at times. Work has taught me to tailor my approach in guiding different team members as there is no one size fit all method. It depends on what works best for the other party to receive what I am trying to impart.


On a side note, I also enjoy having a drink or 2 during my free time, to relax and take my mind off the hectic work. 🍹


6. What do you love about OOm?

Being people-orientated. The company not only values hard skills, but also places great emphasis on personality that fits the company culture. I like that we have a holistic growth approach that not only focuses on knowledge transfer but also builds up positive and inspiring individual characters.


It is not just about you, but we function better as a team 🙂