Look Who’s Talking: Michael Keith Villanueva

He always welcomes you with a mischievous grin that seems to know your deepest secrets, yet one that would make you feel reassured with his presence. What lies beyond those grins, however, are not playful pranks but stirrings—stirrings to design and create. See the world embellished by marvellous plays of colours recollected in balance and […]

Look Who’s Talking: Marie Cielo Bayobay

Beyond a timid, shy facade is a kind and clever person, who could go on for hours talking about the many anime series she’s watched and the many books she’s read.  But, of course, you wouldn’t know any of these until you get to know her deeply and she starts to open up to you.  […]

Look Who’s Talking: Daryl John Gloria

In this segment of “Look Who’s Talking”, we go up close and personal with one of OOm’s Multimedia Strategists. He is one of our creative flairs that produces vibrant and captivating designs. He is a shy-type, boy-next-door lad who strengthens the team’s effort in digital marketing. Everyone, here’s Daryl John Gloria.   Describe your role in […]

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