Look Who’s Talking: Arvie Maghari

In this episode of Look Who’s Talking, we are featuring one of the newest members of our team who made a great deal of contribution not only to his department’s performance but also in running the Philippine office. Let’s get to know this lad who, despite his utterly serious facade, is a humble soul driven by passion and persistence. Ladies and gents, we give to you our SEO Manager, Arvie Maghari.



Describe your role at OOm

People – very challenging when it comes to managing people who’ve been here before me at the same time very satisfying.


Campaign – As an SEO professional, helping the campaigns move up when it comes to ranking performance gives me a lot of pleasure.


My role here is pushing more for improvements.


What is the best advice you can give business owners to help them survive all the changes Google does?

Always consider the user intent. What the user wants and needs should be one of the website owners’ priorities. Google gives high value to its users.


What do you think are the most important qualities a manager should have?













Time Management








Respect for Employees


Is it ever too late to learn how SEO works?

Everyone can learn SEO. One just needs a lot of patience and a heart for it.


Which fictional character (or even non fictional) do you emulate when it comes to your philosophies and morals in life?

Alladdin? Hahahaha. Because he’s striving hard to get his goals.


None in particular, actually, maybe any character who values his family and striving hard to become successful.


Creativity can run dry most times, where do you get inspiration from?

My family and the hardships I’ve encountered when I was young.


How do you recharge when you get a bit tired with work?

Hang out with my family, friends, and go out of town (Beach!!!)




Of all the beaches around the world, which one would you want to go to the most?

Not really sure, since I love all the beaches. Maybe Bali or Maldives.


Where do you think OOm is headed in the next decade?

There’s only way for us, and it’s on top!


What do you love most about OOm?

My supportive bosses and their ideals.