Google+ 101: What Is It And Why You Should Be Using It

If you’re new to digital marketing, you might be a little lost in trying to understand what Google+ is, especially at a time when social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are the most used social media platforms globally.


To put things into perspective, Google+ can be viewed as Google’s social media platform. Here you can collaborate with a virtual community of Google users, create an internal social network within your company, and create and share posts for the community to see.



Yup, it pretty much works a lot like Facebook and Twitter; but managed by Google itself.



Why Should You Be Using Google+?

You might be thinking “why use Google+ when I could use Facebook and Twitter for social media?”

While it’s true that Facebook and Twitter have a lot more social reach than Google+, there’s an advantage in using the biggest search engine’s social media platform which, according to lifewire.com, “makes use of the Google search engine, Google Profiles, and the +1 button.”


Since Google+ is part of the Google network, it takes advantage of other Google products and integrates them into the Google+ system. Of course, because Google is the most used search engine in the world, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of having all of Google’s products integrated into your social media platform.


Google+ is also an interesting platform for videos and photos. According to androidcentral.com:


“Google+ is designed to allow anyone to upload high-resolution photos without interfering with the quality of the image, something that can’t be said of the competition… In video, Google+ has Hangouts. It’s a video chat service that allows up to 10 users to chat at the same time for free, and in many cases even broadcast and record that chat through a YouTube channel”




Google+ On Mobile

Like its competitors, Google+ also has an app which most Android smartphones are equipped with. The smartphone app also has the same features as the web version, especially for photo editing and video chat. The mobile version also has a location sharing function that you can share with your friends and social network.



How You Can Use Google+ For Your Marketing

So, how can you use Google+ for your marketing efforts? Easy: use it like you do with Facebook and Twitter!

It’s essentially a social media site where you can post photos, videos, and share content. And the beauty of Google+ is you can easily search and share with “circles” that might be interested in your brand or where your potential target audiences are. Google also takes a page from your Google profile to help them know what your interests are and connect you with relevant social circles instead of using your personal contacts. This means you can easily connect with like-minded people and find people who will potentially be interested in your brand.



Should Google+ Be A Part Of Your Digital Marketing?

So, now we ask the important question: Should Google+ be a part of your digital marketing? If you’re looking to expand your social media reach and brand awareness, it’s a definite yes.


Google+ is another social media avenue that has a good potential to reach your target audience. And since it’s a Google product, you can expect Google to give priority to those using Google+ than those who don’t.


If you’re looking to properly use Google+ for your digital marketing and SEO but don’t know how to use it properly and to your advantage, hiring a competent SEO team to help you expand your network will be a wise choice.