Twitter or Facebook: How Social Media Drives Website Traffic

Nowadays, almost everyone is on social media. Whether it’s your childhood friend, college dorm mate you’ve lost touch of, or your celebrity crush — you’re bound to find them after a quick search on social media.


It’s no denying that social media is a powerful tool that makes it easy to bring people close together no matter where they are around the world. In digital marketing, however, it’s the best medium for people to know and engage with your brand and draw in traffic into your website.


But how does engaging in social media help drive website traffic? And will your brand benefit from being on social media? Below, we explore how and why social media should be a part of your marketing strategy.


More eyes on your brand

In the olden days, people gather in plazas or city squares to get the latest news and chat with others; but now social media has become the new gathering place for people. According to statista.com, Facebook had 2.2 billion monthly active users in the last quarter of 2017, making it the most popular social media platform worldwide.


What does this mean for digital marketing?


Two words: More. Eyeballs.


Social media has a lot of traffic, and this translates to more chances of attracting people to notice your brand. If your brand manages to resonate with people and they decide to share it, then chances are more people will pick it up, causing a domino effect that could plummet your brand into the top trending list. The more your brand catches attention, the more chances people will flock to your website.


Quality engagement turns viewers into supporters

One of the best qualities of social media is creating social interactions. Unlike in traditional media, viewers and brands can interact and communicate with each other on social media easily. This interaction allows the relationship with viewers (who are potential customers) to deepen, and could potentially make them avid supporters of the brand and even promote it on their social media circles.


But not all engagements can turn viewers into supporters. The challenge faced by digital marketers is making quality engagements.


Quality engagement, like posting an interesting and informative video or quickly responding to online queries, help keep viewers engaged with the brand and helps them get to know the brand more. If your brand’s philosophies and advocacies resonate with your target market, you can expect to have lots of social shares that can drive people into your website.


Another advantage of having quality engagement is showing viewers that your brand has a persona and not just a business establishment. The more passionate people are about your brand, the more chance of having high website traffic.


Power of word of mouth

Even with all the different adverting and marketing mediums available, word of mouth is still the best and most effective form of marketing.


Right now, you might be thinking how “word of mouth” can be applied in social media, or in the digital spectrum in general.


It works through social media mentions.


Social media mentions are the new form of word of mouth. One prime example of word of mouth in social media is when someone tags or “mentions” someone they know on the comment box of an interesting post. Since the mention pops up on the tagged user’s notification, it’s likely that they will make the click.


Get enough social mentions and a wide-range of people will start buzzing about your post – and eventually your brand.


The reach of social media goes beyond physical boundaries, making it a powerful tool for any marketing campaign. But marketing on social media is not easy, and your efforts could just be brushed aside if they’re not engaging and striking enough. If you plan to venture into social media marketing, getting a team of professionals to help you will make your social media engagements more profitable and effective.