Social Media Presence: Do you have to be in all of them?


With the booming social media business, everyone’s got a platform for every person. But as a business, should you participate in all of them?


Photo from Jason Howie


It is a very rare condition that one user uses only one social media platform to use. Sites like Facebook is like the melting pot of all social media, but apart from Facebook you should also discover other social media sites which you could capitalize the niche of that network.  Facebook is the most convenient social media site for reaching every audience in your reach, not to mention one of the most sophisticated ad networks around generating a lot of CPMs.


LinkedIn, on the other hand, is the professional’s network. It’s like a list of everyone who has work ro has been involved in companies in the recent years. It’s major advantage is for HR personnel in looking for viable talents in the network. Another advantage is its clout of network which can be used in Business to Business connections, which will prove beneficial links for your company in the long run. It’s like hosting a cocktail party online.


Twitter and Instagram are used primarily by popular people in reaching their fans, in real time. It is like a platform for getting your word across all countries in images and 140 characters. Popular artists rule these platforms but brands could also monetize in this aspect because a lot of people are listening and the posts are accessible by the general public as compared to Facebook which has placed some restrictions in being searched. Twitter is also big in news and announcements and keeping something trending with the use of hashtags, something which Facebook is simply learning a lot from.


Sites like DeviantArt is the niche of artists wherein brands related to art such as photography, art materials and galleries could capitalize on.  Flickr is also considered a social network for booming artists and photographers.


Pinterest is seen as an extension of Etsy because almost all of Etsy’s crafts are pinned in Pinterest. Pinterest has gained fame by showing great crafts which are majority handmade materials.


Facebook has an effective landing page click through rate since it is exposed to many users. Meanwhile Twitter has an effective percentage in CTRs but since Twitter has less active users than Facebook, the exposure is quite low.


Make sure that you know which sites to leverage on so you could target your specific market which will help your brand in the long run