Everyone enjoys shopping, whether at a brick-and-mortar store or online. Given that it can help relieve stress, it is not surprising that shopping has become a norm for everyone. 


Global retail e-commerce sales have been rising significantly over the past few years. Statista predicted that it would grow by 56% to reach 8.1 trillion US dollars and the only way to reap more from that figure is to plan future campaigns by keeping track of the important e-commerce sales dales.


As the competitiveness of the e-commerce industry continues, it is always better to plan ahead to stay ahead of your competitors. Having an e-commerce promotional calendar for 2023 will be helpful for your business. When you know the e-commerce sales dates, you can create promotions that nudge your customers to shop until they drop. 


Before proceeding with the 2023 e-commerce sales calendar, let us first learn the reasons why businesses need to keep track of important e-commerce sales dates.



Why Is It Important To Keep Track Of E-Commerce Sales Dates For Businesses?


Reasons Why It Is Important Keep Track Of The E-Commerce Sales Dates For Businesses


1. Develop A Sense Of Purpose


Running a business is not easy, but setting goals ahead of time allows you to develop a sense of purpose. Creating future campaigns with an e-commerce calendar gives you something to look forward to. Making plans gains you more control over your e-commerce business, like the sales it can generate.


2. Become More Proactive


Being proactive in the e-commerce industry and other countries helps you to handle any challenge that arises as you already planned things ahead of time. 


For example, Great Singapore Sale dates always vary every year and having e-commerce marketing campaigns ready allows you to schedule and change the posting date at the last minute. 


That simple course of action does not affect your whole e-commerce business operation, and you can still focus on other upcoming important e-commerce sales dates.


3. Better  Financial Foundation


Setting a budget is required to start any e-commerce campaign in Singapore. Since many e-commerce sales dates are happening throughout the year, an e-commerce promotional calendar allows you to manage your budget more effectively. You can rest assured that e-commerce marketing funds are equally distributed according to the level of importance.


4. Easier Decision Making


Making effective decisions in e-commerce business requires planning. Besides weighing your options, you also need to take note of the pros and cons to determine which one is more achievable. 


5. Receive Greater Rewards


Hard work pays off. The same goes when you plan the campaigns for upcoming e-commerce sales dates in 2023. Every successful e-commerce campaign has gone through months of preparations to make it more engaging and appealing to the target audience.


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Important E-Commerce Sales Dates In 2023




1: New Year’s Day 

1: 1.1 E-Commerce Sales

3: Back To School

22-23: Chinese New Year’s Day #HappyChineseNewYear2023




2: 2.2 E-Commerce Sales

13: Galentine’s Day

14: Valentine’s Day




3: 3.3 E-Commerce Sales

8: International Women’s Day

11-19: Term I School Holiday

17: St. Patrick’s Day

25: Lazada Birthday Sale




4: 4.4 E-Commerce Sales

7: Good Friday

9: Easter Sunday


Customer engagement does not only happen during e-commerce sales dates but also during other events that people celebrate throughout the year. Keep engaged with your customers by preparing your social media content ahead of time. If you are interested, check out the article interlinked below. 


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The Bottom Line


Knowing important e-commerce sales dates helps you create and design effective campaigns that can nudge your potential customers to buy from you. Start tracking your e-commerce sales and making a schedule so planning future e-commerce campaigns will become easier.


Producing quality and engaging campaigns for the important e-commerce sales dates could take a long time, so let an SEO company handle the job on your behalf. 


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