Valentine’s Day Best Marketing Ideas For Your Ecommerce Business

Valentine’s Day is the “season” where  people all over the world are searching for gifts or a great venue to make it a memorable date . As a business owner, avoid missing this chance to make profits and kickstart your ecommerce SEO strategies for more sales and conversions. 


Last year, Valentine’s day sales had reached $21.8 billion in the US alone, and that number will dramatically increase if you were to include the other countries. Even more this year, with the ease of COVID-19 pandemic restriction, many people will consider celebrating their Valentine’s Day a little more special.


For your business to benefit from this, you need to engage more with your customers and celebrate Valentine’s Day with them. To do so, follow these best marketing ideas for your ecommerce business this Valentine’s Day.

6 Best Marketing Ideas For Valentine’s Day


1. Make Your Website Look Romantic.

After Chinese New Year ends, make your website look romantic, so your customers will know that Valentine’s Day is near approaching. Know that changing your ecommerce website design will help attract more attention to your business.

Creating a completely new website theme just for the sake of Valentine’s Day, however, can be time-consuming and expensive. As an ecommerce SEO agency, we recommend the following as ecommerce web design decorations for your storefront.


  • Welcome Coupon Pop-Up


Will surprise visitors as they land on your ecommerce website.


Welcome Coupon Pop-Up


  • Slider Banner On Homepage


Will remind visitors again of what you have to offer this Valentine’s Day after closing the welcome coupon pop-up.



  • Announcement Bar + Call-To-Action (CTA)


To constantly remind visitors about your Valentine’s Day offer on whichever web page they are on your ecommerce website. 


Note that brands will change their current announcement bar like the image below after the Chinese New Year ends.


Love Bonito CNy


Below are some examples of CTAs for Valentine’s Day:


  • There’s a 50% discount! Special Valentine’s Day offer! Now is the moment to buy before it’s too late!
  • Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Purchase today to take advantage of our limited-time promotion!
  • Order today to ensure delivery by Valentine’s Day!


2. Provide Anonymous Gift Delivery

This Valentine’s day, expect plenty of people wanting to surprise their loved ones. Lend them a hand by providing them with the option to send their present via anonymous gift delivery. 


This digital marketing strategy could be helpful, especially to those people who have crushes but cannot confess their feelings through words. Consider implementing this, so your brand will become a bridge of encouragement to hopeless romantic consumers. 


3. Reconnect With Previous Holiday Shoppers.

You could reconnect with previous customers and gain their loyalty this Valentine’s Day. A study from Bain and Company stated that repeat customers tend to spend 67% more than attracting new customers, which is likely to happen to your brand if your customers already know how good your products and services are.


To reconnect with previous and existing customers, send them a custom email. Here is an example from Uber in 2017. 


UBER Valentine's Day Cmapaign 2021


4. Accommodate Last-Minute Shoppers

Some people are so busy making a living that they often forget that Valentine’s Day is near. As a result, they will most likely purchase gifts and products just a few days from Valentine’s Day or during the holiday itself. Help them and accommodate last-minute shoppers so they can still celebrate Valentine’s Day even if they are a day or two days late..


5. Giveaway Event

Most people find it hard to say no to give-away products. When it comes to free items, people will become excited to join so they can win.


Here is an example of how you should give away a product during Valentine’s Day. This image was a Valentine’s day social media marketing campaign made by MeUndies a few years ago.


MeUndlies Valentine’s Day Example


6. Love Is not All About Romance.

As an ecommerce business owner, you might assume that all of your customers are in a relationship. However, many other people are still single and happy celebrating their individuality during Valentine’s Day. Thus, create a separate digital marketing campaign for singles to attract and nudge them to make a purchase. 

How To Improve Your Valentine’s Day Ecommerce SEO Strategy?


Start Early With Your Valentine’s Day Campaign

As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. If you start your Valentine’s Day campaign ahead of time, you will be able to attract more customers and make more sales than your competitors. Consider starting your Valentine’s Day campaign as soon as the Chinese New Year spirit ends! 


Often Check Your Web Performance

Before implementing all of the Valentine’s Day digital marketing ideas mentioned above, you should check your web performance first. Doing so will help you see if your Valentine’s ecommerce SEO Strategy works or not after your campaign ends. 


Here are the tools you can use to check your web performance:



Be Swift With Delivery And Affordable.

Since Valentine’s Day is a short-lived holiday, you should be swift in making your delivery so customers will get their orders on time. To convince them to purchase, offer free delivery services.

Spread The Love Like No Other!

By following these Valentine’s Day best marketing ideas for your ecommerce business, you can spread the love like no other as your brand attracts more traffic, gains leads, and makes conversions. If you need help implementing ecommerce SEO strategies for your Valentine’s Day marketing campaign, get in touch with an award-winning digital marketing agency like OOm.


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