What Is Discovery Commerce?

Whether in person or online, everyone loves to shop. And given our current situation, online shopping is a safer option since wearing a face mask does not guarantee our safety from the ongoing pandemic. 


The good news is that ecommerce and SEO are here to fill the gap for brick-and-mortar stores. These two methods help businesses promote their products and services online and let customers find what they are looking for at their convenience. 


According to BrizFeel, 57% of buyers favour online shopping. There is no secret that the ecommerce industry ends up recreating the traditional sales secret. They learn how to take advantage of consumers that have no idea what they want to shop through discovery commerce.


Discovery commerce is the new digital marketing strategy trend that entices consumers to buy things they have found unexpectedly interesting on impulse. That means buying something without giving much thought to the item. 


To further learn about discovery commerce, keep on reading. You will find out what exactly it is, its benefits and how you can implement it in your business.

What Is Discovery Commerce?

Discovery commerce is about guiding a buyer towards a product or service until they find the perfect one that catches their interest and compels them to purchase it. 


Think of it this way: a potential buyer is just browsing through a website or a marketplace without a definite plan. As they continue strolling through the platform, something ends up catching their attention, and that act alone is what was the buyer’s discovery.


Even though they are not particularly looking for anything, they are open to discovering new things and adding them to their shopping wishlist. Hence, it is safe to say that discovery commerce is equivalent to window shopping and is now the favourite pastime of many. 


As an online retailer, you should take this opportunity to showcase your products online. Make sure your ecommerce website is SEO friendly so you can enjoy several benefits of discovery commerce, such as: 


  • Attract and reach out to more potential consumers.
  • Examine which product is the most popular in searches.
  • Encourage potential customers to share discovered products.


Since the goal of discovery commerce is to let buyers find your brand, you should learn how to implement this new digital marketing strategy trend so your potential customers can discover them as quickly as possible.

How to Implement Discovery Commerce To Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

How to Implement Discovery Commerce To Your Digital Marketing Strategy


1. Create A Connection By Building Community. 

Most people crave to connect, interact, and communicate with others, which is why almost everyone is online, whether for personal or business reasons. And you should know that 59.5% of the global population are internet users, and most of them enjoy shopping online. 


According to Facebook, 63% of online shoppers use their platform for shopping activities, from discovering products to purchasing them. As an ecommerce owner, you should take advantage of this opportunity and implement discovery commerce. 


Start by producing exceptional custom customer-centric experiences so you would be able to create the exact connections people get from in-person shopping. Here is a list of what you need to do to make that happen. 


  • Learn how to use app SDK (software development kit) to build the foundations for a custom shopping experience.
  • Use creative tools to customise how products’ images from your catalogue appear when potential customers stumble upon them.


If you are having trouble applying these, get help from social media marketing experts. They can help you create a connection and build community with your customers and implement discovery commerce to your brand, 


2. Be Engaging And Entertaining.

People these days no longer shop for necessities alone. Sometimes, they shop to relieve their stress and entertain themselves. In that case, you should promote your products engagingly and entertainingly. Doing so would help nudge your customers and consider making a purchase. 


To make that happen, here are some tips for making your product promotions a lot more engaging and entertaining to customers. 


  • Attract online shoppers through Story ads and make sure they appear across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. 
  • Let potential customers discover new and less known products by conducting live-stream shopping events.


3. Offer Ease And Convenience. 

Your ecommerce website is not the place your customers should be able to shop for the products they want. As part of your discovery commerce strategy, consider offering other different platforms for purchase transactions. Doing so should help you move your potential customers from discovery to purchase. 


And since you are already using social media as your marketing platform, you should consider using it for your customers’ purchase transactions. That way, when they find something interesting from your social media and they tend to buy it, they can do it there. Your customers no longer need to go to your website and pay for it, and that is how you offer ease and convenience in discovery commerce.

Final Remarks

Implement discovery commerce as your new digital marketing strategy to guarantee the rise of sales possibilities and brand exposure. If you need help, do not hesitate to get in touch with our ecommerce SEO agency.


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