How Digital Marketing Agency Helps Implement Strategies For Ecommerce Business

Running a business is a continuous process, a never-ending race to compete against competitors. Besides having social media platforms, businesses need to have an ecommerce website. 


Like a physical store, an ecommerce website is a place where potential customers visit to check out products or services. Without effective digital marketing strategies, it would be difficult for your ecommerce website to be discovered on search engine result pages (SERPs).


For your ecommerce business to become successful, you will need to consider the customer’s experience above all else. You have to guide them through each stage of the customer purchase journey until they become your loyal customers. 


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To do this, you can seek help from a digital marketing agency. With their years of experience and excellent skill-set, raising your brand awareness and online presence will not be a problem.


In this article, you will discover how a digital marketing agency like us can help implement strategies for your ecommerce business.

4 Ways On How Digital Marketing Agency Helps Implement Strategies Your Ecommerce Website

To optimise the click-through rates for generic audiences, a digital marketing agency will start at the top of the ecommerce funnel. Even though it seems similar to the customer purchase journey, the processes involved are quite different.


Here is a breakdown of what a digital marketing agency does to help you understand each stage of the ecommerce funnel.


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1. Impression + Intentional Search

The first stage of the ecommerce funnel is the data that comes from the impression and intentional search to create a better campaign. If you are not familiar with these two, here is an explanation.


The former refers to the initial reaction to a campaign that people have seen, while the latter is about the people who search for something particular with an intention.


To get the data of these two, a digital marketing agency can implement the following:


  • Google Shopping

Unlike text advertisements, which only display texts, Google Shopping ads show viewers a photo of your product as well as a title, price, store name, and other information. To market your online and local inventory, increase traffic to your website or local store, and uncover better-qualified prospects, use shopping campaigns.


  • YouTube Trueview

When it comes to creating a personalised experience for the viewer, the TrueView platform is the most versatile option. Knowing the ad itself and the accompanying video, your chosen digital marketing will know what type of YouTube Ads they should make and release for your ecommerce business.


However, you should know that your chosen digital marketing agency will only do this method if you are running YouTube Video Ads.


2. Clicks

The next stage that a digital marketing agency needs to strategise ways to make potential customers consider clicking on a campaign either on social media or Google Search to view your ecommerce business.


There are two ways they have to go through before maximising the number of clicks: Heatmap + Behaviour Analytics and Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (Google/ Facebook).


Here is how these two work:


Heatmap + Behaviour Analytics

Both of these help to know how customers behave when on search engines and your ecommerce website. You will know which one they are interested in the most that can help you nudge them to click more to the web pages of your ecommerce business. 


Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (Google/ Facebook)

To further maximise the clicks of your potential customers, your chosen digital marketing agency will launch a few ad sets within the campaigns either on Google or Facebook to do split testing, which uses machine learning. 


Machine learning is artificial intelligence (AI) used to identify what correlates with rankings across the thousands of SERPs. With the help of this and split testing, it will be easier for your chosen digital marketing agency to know which campaign performs better and helps you achieve more conversions.



If potential customers did not proceed to purchase after viewing the ad, remarketing is the strategy that your chosen digital marketing agency will use. It is a method used to re-showcase ads related to your products or services to customers who have interacted with your business and lead them to your ecommerce website again.


3. Conversion

If your target audience made it through this stage, that means they already bought your product or service. And to guarantee that your campaigns are doing well as they should be, your chosen digital marketing agency will analyse the performance of your campaigns. 


That is why, in this stage, you should expect them to use the tools below to track the conversion rates, ROAS, and other conversion metric goals to analyse a campaign’s performance.


  • Google Analytics


  • Facebook Pixel
    • Before Facebook Pixel can gather data from your Facebook campaign, your chosen digital marketing agency will add and place the code of Facebook Pixel on your website so it can track the traffic coming from your Facebook Business page.


  • Google Ads Conversion Tracking
    • The difference between Google Ads Conversion Tracking to Facebook Pixel is that a digital marketing agency will use it to determine the number of conversions made. It starts from when a visitor clicks on your Google Ads on SERPs until they make a purchase.


4. Loyalty

Gaining loyalty from your target audience is one of the goals of your digital marketing efforts and the last stage of the ecommerce funnel. At this point, they already know how good your product or service is, which is why they continue to make regular purchases from your brand.


The end goal of the loyalty stage is never to betray their trust. To guarantee that customers are always happy with their purchase from your ecommerce business, here are the last two things that digital marketing will do before implementing strategies to gain more loyal customers. 


Similar Audience Targeting

With the help of Google Ads, your chosen digital marketing agency can find a similar audience based on your remarketing lists. Google Ads will use that data to determine the people who qualify for similar audiences, which help convert from paying customers to loyal customers. 


Social Media Engagement

It is a measurement of what potential customers do when they see your social media campaigns through actions such as likes, comments and shares. That means the likes, comments, and shares are an indication they are interested in your product or service. 


Any data gathered is used to improve the quality of products and services, including the promotions, that your ecommerce business has to offer.

Implement Effective Digital Marketing Strategies For Impressive Growth

Implementing digital marketing strategies properly can help increase brand awareness and the online presence of an ecommerce business. Engaging a professional digital marketing agency can help you efficiently run and manage your ecommerce business’s digital marketing strategies. 


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