Top 5 Shopify SEO Plugins For Your Ecommerce Website

Shopify is one of the biggest and most widely used ecommerce platforms worldwide. It powers over a million online stores, which is not surprising because Shopify offers a boatload of features that benefit sellers and buyers.


Also, Shopify has SEO built-in features that allow you to improve your ecommerce website’s online presence and acquire more organic traffic. You can increase the quantity of traffic to your online store and attract more customers.


But it doesn’t end there.


If you want to enhance your online store’s user experience (UX) even further, try installing a Shopify plugin. It will vastly improve the way you manage your ecommerce website.


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Boost sales and increase your customer engagement with the help of these top five Shopify SEO tools and plugins.





Shopify SEO



Not all of your customers will purchase during their first visit to your online store. For the most part, they are probably doing a little bit of window shopping to check out your products. In that case, try giving your customers an easy way to add your products to their wishlist.


Wishlist Plus is a Shopify plugin that allows customers to bookmark specific products just in case they want to purchase them sometime in the future. Unlike other wishlists, this plugin lets customers use it without an account on your website, making it even more convenient for them to save their favourite products.


Another neat trick with this Shopify plugin is that customers can see how many other people have included a specific product in their wishlist. Knowing that many people admire this product, some customers might be motivated to purchase it as a result.



Shopping cart abandonment is a prominent issue most online businesses owners face today. Usually, the problem occurs if a customer does not trust the brand. If your shopping cart abandonment rate has increased recently, try to solve this problem with a Shopify plugin called Trusted Site.


With Trusted Site, you can add widgets, including share buttons, to your ecommerce site. In doing so, customers can feel much safer knowing that you have a badge displayed. As a result, customers are most likely to purchase your products.



If you want to improve your online presence, content marketing is your key to success. A great example of content marketing is blogging, which allows you to drive traffic to your ecommerce website by writing quality blog posts. For this strategy, you might want to use Blog Studio.


Blog Studio is one of the best Shopify SEO tools available. You can create blog posts with ease, thanks to the tool’s convenient drag and drop interface. You can optimise your blog’s meta titles and descriptions to make your articles more SEO-friendly.



Do you have a WhatsApp account? If so, then this WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart is the perfect Shopify plugin for you. This tool allows you to add a WhatsApp button to your online store, letting customers and WhatsApp users contact you anytime.


WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart also comes with a customisable chat button for your call to action (CTA). You can choose from over 50 premium button designs to spice up your plugin.



For a reasonable price, you can let Smart SEO create meta titles and descriptions for your website. This Shopify plugin can automate most of your SEO tasks to increase your rankings and boost sales.


Smart SEO is an excellent tool to have for saving time. Besides generating meta titles and descriptions, it helps in supporting your sitemap to help search engine bots crawl through your website more easily.




You don’t have to be a Shopify SEO expert to use Shopify for ecommerce. As long as you understand the fundamentals of Shopify, you can utilise it for your business and improve your online presence.


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