Shopify SEO: How To Increase Your Conversion Rate?

The world of eCommerce is growing. Ever since the number of online shoppers grew tremendously in the 21st century, many businesses have shifted their focus to eCommerce. As a result, the eCommerce landscape has become fiercer and more competitive.


Online shopping platforms like Lazada, Shopee, and Carousell have established their names in the eCommerce industry. To do the same for your online business, you have to increase your conversion rate by optimising your Shopify store for SEO.


Shopify is one of the best subscription-based eCommerce platforms. Utilising it for SEO is an excellent way to improve your web visibility and boost sales. In doing so, your Shopify store could rank higher on Google and attract more customers.




Three Ways to Increase your Conversation Rate Shopify SEO


Conversion rate is an essential aspect of Shopify SEO. It is the percentage of users who have taken their desired action. In the context of eCommerce, conversion rate refers to the number of people who have bought a product from your online store.


Increasing your conversion rate will lead to more sales and higher SEO rankings for your Shopify store. However, doing so requires a vast amount of effort to optimise your online store and product listings. 


Today, you will discover some of the best ways to increase your conversion rate. Here are some Shopify SEO tips to obtain more customers and grow your online business.


1. Create High-Quality Content For Your Product Pages

One of the first things your customers will want to see in your online store is your products. They will most likely read your products’ descriptions before purchasing. In that case, ensure that your product pages are full of high-quality content.


Set a good first impression by writing well-detailed content. Your product pages should have in-depth product descriptions, including their qualities and benefits, to provide customers with valuable insights regarding your products.


For instance, if your online store sells original sneakers, let your customers know that your brand uses only high-quality materials. Doing so should make your customers feel rest assured that your shoes are worth the price. You can also add additional details, including the benefits of using your sneakers.


When creating content for your products, remember to use relevant keywords for SEO. Part of eCommerce SEO is using keywords to make your content more relevant and searchable on search engines. Research terms and phrases that your customers type into search engines. Then, include such keywords in your content to achieve higher rankings.


2. Simplify Your Homepage

Another thing to consider is your homepage, which is the first page your customers usually visit. Your homepage could be one of the many defining factors that will make or break your customer’s decision to view your products.


When it comes to designing a homepage, you have to keep it simple. Avoid stuffing your homepage with too much content, or else you might overwhelm your customers with a boatload of information, all in one sitting.


Instead, you should simplify your homepage by using just a few images and texts. Create straightforward content that delivers your message clearly and briefly. Include a call to action (CTA) that redirects customers to your best-selling products, collection, or contact page.


If your online store sells a large number of products, it might be best to display your search bar prominently on top of your homepage. Your customers may find it hard to search for products they want or need, so make it easy for them by optimising your search bar.


A well-optimised search bar is a key to efficient eCommerce SEO. Improve the customer experience by optimising your search bar and making it convenient for customers to find your products. 


Start by featuring your search bar on ideal spots on your website, specifically the top or upper right. Position it in a place where customers can easily find it.


Another simple way to optimise your search bar is by using autocomplete to suggest results related to the customer’s search query. It will provide customers with a brief overview of similar products that may capture their interest. Include high-quality images for an added visual appeal.




The eCommerce landscape is highly competitive, so do your best to increase your conversion rate. To achieve higher conversion rates and rankings, utilise a wide range of SEO services in Singapore, such as local and technical SEO.


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