How Can Key Woocommerce Features Benefit Your Business?

When it comes to setting up an ecommerce website for retailers, WooCommerce is one of their first options for successfully establishing their online presence.


Despite knowing the importance of ecommerce websites and search engine optimisation (SEO) before COVID-19 happened, businesses only thought of completely embracing digital transformation when the pandemic placed the world under threat.


As more people shop online, businesses have no other choice but to shift their operations and go digital since the rule of thumb is to be where your consumers are. 


Even though digital transformation is not that easy, WooCommerce made things possible. This open-source ecommerce plugin for WordPress is perfect for ecommerce operations because it has everything an ecommerce owner could ask for.


If you plan to set up your business on WooCommerce, here is a list of key WooCommerce features and an explanation of how these can benefit your business. 

6 Key WooCommerce Features That Benefit Your Business


1. Inventory Management

Like in a brick-and-mortar shop, inventory management is vital in ecommerce since it helps every business owner determine the level of stock they have. 


However, that is not the only thing this WooCommerce feature can do. Whenever the ecommerce owner is about to run out of stock of any product, WooCommerce’s inventory management will notify them. If they have already run out of stock, it will hide the item from the display of your ecommerce website.


2. Shopping Cart & Checkout Blocks

Another WooCommerce feature that can help you operate your online store is the cart & checkout blocks. This segment has two purposes. The first one is to monitor the items your customers have added to their shopping carts, and the other is to know which ones they have bought from your ecommerce website. At the same time, you can review both in real-time.


3. Extensive Theme Options

Instead of designing the web design of your ecommerce website, WooCommerce provides several free ecommerce website themes for various industries.


This WooCommerce feature allows anyone to set up an ecommerce website of their own without needing to build one from scratch. For more ecommerce functionality and better web design, you may opt for premium ecommerce website themes, which require payment. Their pricing ranges from $2 for a one-time payment to $49.99 for an annual licence.


4. Built-In Payment Gateway

Speaking of payments, WooCommerce also has a built-in payment gateway. Their payment solution is specially designed for WooCommerce ecommerce websites, which makes transacting a lot easier. 


After all, customers have several options on how they want to pay for the items they would like to get. Besides linking their accounts with Paypal, Stripes, or banks, they can also pay via bank transfer or even cash-on-delivery. 


Regardless of their choice, WooCommerce’s built-in payment gateway only requires a few clicks after check out, and that gives the ecommerce owner peace of mind about their sales.


To cater to more global customers, ecommerce owners can download and install WooCommerce payment plugins, giving customers more payment options to choose from when making a purchase.


5. Coupon Management

Whether it is shopping in person or online, no consumer can say no to a discount coupon. A bargain deal can attract a lot of traffic, gain leads, and make conversions. 


WooCommerce can relate to that and has added coupon management as one of the basic Woocommerce features. This segment allows ecommerce owners to create a discount coupon whenever they want to promote any product on sale.


They can also monitor which discount coupon a customer has used for which item and apply the discount rate for final payment. 


6. Built-in Blogging Feature

Apart from selling products on a WooCommerce ecommerce website, the said platform also allows ecommerce owners to blog articles. They can write in-depth details and promote their products with this extra feature by publishing blog articles on their blog page and sharing them on social media platforms. 


For example, if you are going to sell an air purifier on your WooCommerce ecommerce website, you can discuss the benefits of using this product. Doing so will inform your potential customers why they should get one for themselves. 


Other than that, this feature helps you build content for search engines like Google to crawl through your ecommerce website. The easier the search engine bots can crawl, the easier it will be for your ecommerce to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs) for the product or service keyword. 


The key WooCommerce features are a complete ecommerce solution since they can ease the management of your ecommerce operation. You will have more time to focus on other important matters, such as creating digital marketing campaigns on social media platforms to drive more traffic to your ecommerce website.


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