Christmas In E-Commerce: Here’s How You Can Maximise Your E-Commerce for the Holiday Season

Now that it’s already the season of giving, expect that the orders that you will get from your customers will flood your website. People left and right would likely be looking for their gifts and if your products are the right choices, you better buckle up for more loads of work that you will face—for the better. However, did you know that you can actually maximise your e-commerce website during this yuletide season? Purchases are already flooding in. How much more if you have tweaked it especially for Christmas? Let the floodgates open wide and the purchases in because today, we’re gonna tell you how to make your e-commerce website more attuned to the holiday season.


During these seasons, it really cannot be avoided for us to suffer from heavy traffic which is why more and more people rely on the e-commerce industry where you can just make purchases after a few clicks and wait for the items to arrive at your doorstep. This is why it is such a waste to not gear up your e-commerce business. Here are a few things you could work on:



Announce Christmas On Landing Pages


Pepper your landing pages or your website per se with sparkling glitters, hang up the garlands, and make things red! Your landing page or the first thing that your customer might see must already have that Christmas vibes for them to be more encouraged to check out your brands. This page will also be the one that greets your customers, so you have to make it as merry as you can without ever overdoing it. Aside from being festive, make it engaging and appealing, too. This is also how you will subtly introduce your promotions and sales.



Prepare Gifts For First Orders


Since Christmas is the season of giving, it is always, always best too to give away gifts and freebies. With this, offering free gifts for first orders will make your customers stand watch and race to make their first purchase. This is also a good strategy to form close relationships with your consumers. Even if they purchase or not, they will save your products for later.



More Gifts And Discounts


For purchases to come in flooding, you must have something to give in exchange. With this, be sure to be generous on giving gifts and discounts that will entice your consumers to check out your brand. Once they see that your catalogue is full of discounts and sales, more and more people will purchase your products, them becoming transformed into conversions. It also works to pack your products together so the consumers buy them all for a discounted price. Don’t forget to make the banner as appealing as you can!



Shipping Offers


It is a common frustration by consumers to have to deal with expensive shipping fees. Sometimes, shipping fees are even more expensive than your purchase! With this, consumers will be more enticed to purchase the products they have been eyeing for ever since. With your special shipping offers more people will buy your products because they no longer have to pay much for something that they would not see.



Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment By Pulling Different Strategies

It can be a consumer’s subjective choice to leave their purchases, it can also be because of what they might have found on your e-commerce which you have to deal with. These usually include security, shipping, pricing, and other concerns. With this, you can just pull different strategies to stop them from exiting like having pop up ads or promotions that they can consider.



Be Active On Social

Make sure to also keep in touch with your consumers by being more engaging and by interacting with them. This will also keep them pressed about your campaigns on your website, especially this coming Christmas season where people are looking for gifts to give to their loved ones. On this platform, you can also organize contests and offer presents to winners. This experience will also improve your publicity and engagement with your audiences. On the landing page, you can also add extra features like this “Refer a Friend” feature that allows more to know about your brand.


Here are just some of the things that we have thought for you to optimise your e-commerce website this coming Christmas. All these things boil down to making the extra mile and becoming a bit over the top in spreading good cheer and the atmosphere where everyone is in the mood for giving. Focusing on your e-commerce campaigns can take a lot of effort. For you to focus on your own processes and for you to have better e-commerce marketing campaigns, try seeking digital marketing companies here in Singapore that can offer you web development services, SEO, and SEM services, like OOm.