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The global pandemic has become a pivotal factor in the sudden popularity of the e-commerce platforms in Singapore. Subsequently, the competition has become tougher as more and more businesses incorporate e-commerce as their additional business platform.


The challenge for companies today is how to gain a competitive advantage against their rivals. The key to getting a competitive advantage in the e-commerce industry is SEO.

5 Benefits Your E-Commerce Business Can Get From SEO In Singapore

SEO, short for search engine optimisation in Singapore, is a process or practice of improving your website’s positioning on the search engine results page (SERPs) by improving the quality and quantity of organic traffic on your e-commerce website. 


Several factors affect the organic traffic on your website. The factors include your e-commerce web design, content, videos, images, business listings, and so on.


Once your e-commerce website is well optimised, including your off-page and on-page SEO factors, you will surely reap these following benefits:



1. Brand Awareness And Visibility

Landing on the first page of the SERP of Google and Bing contributes to the brand awareness and credibility of your business to your target audience. 


Your target audience typically opens the top results more than the bottom results of the search engine results page (SERP). Additionally, people’s perception of the top-ranking results is that they are the most reliable websites. Customers are more likely to engage on your e-commerce website and consider you as one of their shopping options if it appears on top of SERPs. It is why many businesses invest in SEO in Singapore on top of investing in paid ads.


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2. Capture A Wider Market Reach

The goal of SEO is not only to capture the “sure buyers” but also those who are not buying anything. 


For example, if your business sells flowers and offers flower arrangement services, producing quality and informative articles, such as  ‘Types of flowers to give for different occasions’ will educate the consumers who are researching for readable content but not with a purchase intent. Nevertheless, the article helps with brand awareness.


Eventually, these informative and discreet marketing articles will guide consumers with their e-commerce journey until they are ready to purchase the product. It is why quality content is crucial in e-commerce web development.


3. Generate Organic Traffic

People search the internet with intent. There are at least four types of search intent. These are informational, navigational, transactional, and commercial. 


Informational intent answers people’s questions: the 5Ws and 1H, while navigational intent is when people search for a specific website they want to access. Transactional intent happens when the person visits the internet to buy products and services. Commercial intent is when the person accesses the internet to canvas products and services they plan to purchase in the future.


The goal of e-commerce SEO is to lead as many internet queries as possible to your website through keyword search engine optimisation. People formulate keywords by getting clues from the search intent. 


For example, keywords with “how to” and “what” answer informational search intent, whilst “order” answers transactional intent. 


If your business sells flowers and offers flower arrangement services, your keywords may be “affordable birthday bouquet,” or “birthday flower delivery”. 


These keywords will appear to people who search for flowers with the intent to order flowers. Hence, the keywords generate organic and quality traffic to your website.


4. Cost-Effective

There are other ways and strategies that help generate traffic to your website, and one of them is paid ads. However, paid ads can be expensive compared to SEO.


SEO services pricing in Singapore is significantly lower than paid ads, but the catch is that SEO is more time and energy demanding. You cannot get overnight results. 


Apart from enhancing user experience by maintaining e-commerce website development, companies must be consistent in updating their website by posting fresh, high-quality, and informative contents such as articles, videos and images. In the long run, these elements will boost your web’s search engine ranking by spending a little on the SEO price in Singapore.


Micro, small, and medium enterprises can apply for PSG e-commerce website development grant and receive up to 50% funding support for website development.


5. Increased Conversions

All the benefits from brand awareness, generating organic traffic, and leading buyers and non-buyers to your website to operating cost reduction will lead to increased sales and profit.


Firstly, brand awareness will help build trust with your consumers. They will search for your brand specifically with the intent to buy.


Secondly, people deemed top-ranking results as relevant searches; therefore, the likelihood for them to click your page is high. There is a high chance of converting this traffic to sales.


Thirdly, the money you saved can be allotted to more crucial areas maintaining your web page, such as your e-commerce website design in Singapore.


Now that you know the benefits your e-commerce platform can get from SEO, it is time to learn how to strengthen your SEO strategies.

4 Tips For A Strong SEO Strategy In Singapore



It is not enough for you to apply search engine optimisation strategies in Singapore to your website. Your business must have solid, consistent, and fresh SEO strategies to sustain your web page growth.


Here are some tips for designing a solid e-commerce SEO strategy in Singapore:


1. Mobile Optimisation

Some websites are well designed for laptops and computers but not for smartphones. Leaving out smartphone users is an audience loss for businesses, especially since most people today access the internet through their smartphones.


The key is to incorporate mobile SEO. Mobile SEO uses responsive e-commerce web design, high-quality content, and high web page speed. Mobile SEO ensures the website is accessible and loads properly using smartphones.


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2. Strengthen Off-page And On-page SEO

Off-page focuses on strengthening your domain authority or your web page’s links redirected to your website or page, whileon-page focuses on improving the content posted on your website to boost ranking. You can strengthen these two by improving the article’s title tags, headings, URL structure, alt text for images, content quality, and user-friendliness of the ecommerce website design in Singapore.


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3. Optimise Images

Most SEO strategies focus on the keyword density of the content and forget about the images. Images also play a role in SEO strategies.


Firstly, always include alt text to your images to give contextual relevance to the photo, thus contributing to the search engine ranking factor. The image alt text describes the image content, which is essential when the web page fails to display the photo properly. It is also easier for the search engine bots to understand the context of the image, thus contributing to the article’s SEO ranking.


Secondly, ensure the image quality will not be compromised when the website is accessed through different devices. But there are situations where extremely high-resolution images slow down the page loading time. The creative team must work with the web developers to determine the right size to upload photos without compromising the quality while having a fast loading speed.


4. Stay Updated

SEO strategies keep evolving, and if you want to get the outrun of your rivals, you must be up-to-date on SEO strategies and practices in Singapore.


Having an SEO expert and having advanced SEO tools can be helpful in keeping up with the SEO trends. The SEO cost in Singapore varies depending on the SEO company and its services.



There are many expensive ways to rank first on search pages, but if you want sustainable and inexpensive practice, try ecommerce SEO in Singapore. Your business growth and marketing success are more consistent in SEO.


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