Organic VS Paid Traffic: Which Is Better?

Until today, the question remains: which is better, organic or paid traffic? It’s a topic of discussion for marketers around the world, ever since search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) became part of digital marketing.


The truth is, neither is better than the other. Organic traffic and paid traffic have pros and cons when it comes to optimising your website. Prioritising one over the other will depend on your goals and needs.



The Difference Between Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic

The difference between organic traffic and paid traffic is pretty simple.


For starters, organic traffic is the number of visitors on your website as the outcome of unpaid and natural search results. Whenever someone uses search engines like Google and Bing, the links that show up on the results page come from organic traffic. In the long run, organic traffic works best for websites that wish to increase web visibility and online presence.


On the other hand, paid traffic refers to ads that appear on a search engine results page. Your website will appear on top of the search results page, but you have to pay each time a user clicks on your link.


In summary, organic traffic is better for long-term SEO, while paid traffic is ideal for gaining instant web visibility. You can increase both organic and paid traffic to get the best possible results. To do so, conduct organic SEO strategies while using paid ads to optimise your website in the long run and quickly gain leads at the same time.



How to Increase Organic Traffic?


1. Blogging

Organic traffic is about building your website from the ground up. Fortunately, one of the simplest ways to do so is through blogging. You can create blog posts and post them on your website to gain traffic and attract potential customers. Doing so allows you to establish your credibility by creating informative and engaging content for your target audience.


Blogging is a legitimate content marketing strategy that will benefit your business in the long run if you continue to deliver quality blog posts. Understand your target audience and write articles that will provide them with newfound information based on your line of work.


For example, if you’re managing an online drugstore, you could write about the dangers of overdose, how-to articles regarding medicine, and studies about drugs. Publish articles related to your products and services so people can understand your business more.


2. Utilise Keywords

The essence of SEO lies in excellent keyword usage. Use keywords to your advantage by including them in your content. Try incorporating keywords in your headlines, articles, captions, hashtags, and many more.


Websites with efficient keyword usage usually rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. Do proper keyword research and discover which keywords are relevant to your products or services. Doing so will allow you to use popular keywords in your content.


Remember to naturally include keywords in your content to make them appear seamless and organic. Also, consider using long-tail keywords that are usually less popular, but can help you reach a niche audience and boost SEO rankings.


3. Use Internal Links

Internal likes are a type of hyperlink that you can use on a web page, document, file, or other resources. You can also use them in your articles to redirect your readers to other related content.


For example, let’s say you own a gym, and you want to optimise your website. Whenever you’re writing articles, include a few internal links that will redirect readers to your page.


While internal linking is an effective marketing strategy, you must avoid spamming links or else it’ll negatively impact your SEO rankings.



How To Increase Traffic With Paid Ads?


1. Social Media Marketing

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter aren’t just ideal for building organic traffic, but also for driving instant traffic to your website. Deliver paid ads to your target audience on social media so you can gain boost your paid traffic conversion rates.


2. Pay-per-click (PPC) Marketing

You can generate traffic immediately by displaying paid ads on search engines Google to reach your target audience right away. Utilise relevant keywords, and your website can reach out to users who are looking for reliable and trustworthy search results.


3. Influencer Marketing

Consider getting in touch with social media influencers who have the potential to expand your reach and connect with consumers beyond your target audience. Influencers can endorse your products or services to a broader audience.




Increase traffic by combining organic SEO strategies and paid ads to get the most efficient results out of your marketing campaigns! If you’re interested in working with a professional, consider getting in touch with a digital marketing agency so you can get started right away.


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