The Winning Factors of an Ecommerce Website

Have a section for sales and specials

The trick to have more people browsing of your ecommerce products is to have a section for sales and specials. Through group buying websites like Groupon, people have been conditioned to look for offers and discounts. What this means is that if your website does not have a section where there is sales and sections, people may just bounce off your ecommerce website more often.


Festive seasons also present a great opportunity to hold time limited offers. By giving offers and discounts to different products during each season, this would increase the urgency for a visitor who is interested in your products to buy it sooner as there is an expiry to the offer.


Here Zalora is highly adept at providing attractive discounts:



Provide Free Delivery

Providing free delivery provides the localised edge that separates you from your competitors. For instance, if international competitors are trying to enter your market, the customers would probably have to pay for delivery charges when they purchase from these overseas ecommerce websites.


Henceforth, if you are able to provide your local customers with free and prompt delivery, this would easily separate you from your competitors, making you a preferred choice for lower cost and convenience.


Excellent Product Copies

The main role of a good product copy is to help visitors convince themselves that the product they are seeing is a suitable buy for them.


Try to have two variants of product description for each product, one succinct version and the other the longer version. The succinct version would help visitors to digest a quick summary of the product while the longer version would be useful for serious buyers.


By having two versions, it may also help in your search engine optimization efforts as you have more keywords of the products and description centred around the product.


Product Videos

If pictures speak a thousand words, then a video speaks a million. If you are able to capture or procure product videos and embed it in your ecommerce site, this would greatly increase the engagement level between your audience and your ecommerce site.


Check this out from Simplyhike.co.uk:



Above, Simplyhike peppered their sites with many videos which sets them apart from their competitiors and greatly increased engagement level with their visitors.


Test Your Website

Last but not least, remember to conduct user testing on your website. Invite people over to try your website and observe how they meander through the website. Give them objectives to achieve, e.g. buy Product A and ask them for their honest feedbacks. This would help to pre-empt future problems which will save time and effort in future.


While not all tips may be easy to implement, a good consideration of the suggestions would help you in improving conversions on your website.