OOm’s Ian Cheow on Making the Digital Leap: Learning the Basics of Facebook Business

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October 2020, Singapore — Featured in the recent On the Red Dot episode, a documentary featuring various socio-political issues and current affairs in Singapore, OOm’s CEO Ian Cheow shared the basics of creating a Facebook Business Page.


In its second episode of Making The Digital Leap – Taking The First Step, the documentary talks about the impact of the pandemic on various businesses. One of the businesses featured is Bobby Fabrics, a family business that specializes in selling high quality fabrics.



How Facebook Can Help Small Businesses

It is no secret that social media has played a substantial role in digital marketing. Both organic and paid social media marketing efforts have greatly contributed to the success of many small businesses not only in Singapore but also around the world. However, many business owners are jumping on the social media bandwagon hastily without prior knowledge on how to utilise it effectively. 


As the owner of Bobby Fabrics, was utilising his personal Facebook page to promote his businesses, Cheow gave his professional advice and opinion on that. “We don’t recommend SMEs to use their personal page because if they search for Bobby Fabrics, they will find your personal page and this content will not be relevant to them. Another downside of using your personal account is there are very limited features. For example, you cannot promote your page, and people cannot follow you because if they want to connect with you, they need to send you a friend request,” Cheow shared.


Furthermore, Cheow elaborated on how creating a Business Page on Facebook gives more opportunities to get the message across and attract more consumers. Here are some basic steps in establishing a Facebook Page as featured in the documentary.


  • Creating a Page – Select a username that people can immediately recognize – something that reminds them of your business. Keep in mind that when people search for the product or service, they do not include the business name. Hence, it is important to create a Facebook Page that will grant you visibility on the Search as well. Also, make sure to use your company logo as the Profile Picture so that it is easier for your existing customers to recognize you.


  • Building your Following – You can expand your reach easily at the first stage by inviting your existing friends on Facebook to Like or Follow your Page. To go a step further, you can utilize the Promote Page functionality in the Page to extend your following to a wider community than just your friends list.


  • Planning for Content – Creating your Page and building a following will not turn into profits unless your audience sees that you are active and visible. Make it a point to develop a content strategy where you can have 2-3 posts a week. Using a calendar, you can plan for your content to post on Facebook. There are a wide range of topics and themes to use to make sure that you will not run out of ideas.


Social Media Marketing in the New Normal

Do you already have a social media presence? With consumers getting more active on social media platforms such as Facebook, having a Facebook account is fast becoming a necessity. Start using social media as part of your marketing efforts opens a lot of opportunities in terms of creating a positive image for your brand.


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