Stability and Credibility: OOm is one of the Top 500 SMEs in Singapore for 2020

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October 2020, Singapore — OOm is recognized as one of the Top 500 leading Small-medium Enterprises (SME) in Singapore for 2020. Granted by the Singapore Association of Trade & Commerce, the Singapore SME 500 Award is given to businesses across major trade and industries who have recorded a significant contribution to the country’s GDP.  The SME 500 Award serves as a yardstick where all SMEs in Singapore benchmark their businesses. The companies selected for the award are those who have proven their market success within the related industry or sector.



More than just adding to the economic growth of the country, this prestigious and widely-recognized accolade in Singapore’s business scene strengthens a company’s credibility and stability. Through recommendations and nominations of SMEs, OOm achieved the commercial edge against its competitors based on the qualifications of the organization. This proves the company’s integrity, dominance, and consistency in retaining a good business stature by continuously bringing quality service to its clients.


“As one of the SME 500 Singapore Company, we are thankful for the support from ATC’s Business Financing & Capital Partners, as well as direct access to industry insights and knowledge. We look forward to supporting our clients in a greater capacity with these privileges”, says Wyvan Xu, COO and Co-Founder of OOm.


OOm’s market growth amid challenging economy

During this time of the pandemic, many businesses have closed their doors permanently. However, OOm sees this situation as an opportunity to strive further and reach more heights for their business. Compared to 2019, OOm has increased its clientele of (120%), while maintaining the same exceptional standards and reaching the targeted goals of their clients. This sets OOm’s advantage to other SMEs’ performance and market positions.


Furthermore, the SME 500 award also considers the business’ continuous improvement in the past years and measures the company’s hunger for growth and success. Known as one of the leading SEO and SEM companies in Singapore, OOm is true to its commitment to shaping the online future. More than just bagging awards from various award-giving bodies, OOm makes sure to continuously provide strategic and effective solutions to strengthen their clients’ prowess in digital marketing. This mantra gained the trust of its existing clients and set a good impression for the new ones, which resulted in consistent new wins and expanding the company’s focus from SEO and SEM to a full-service digital marketing agency. Hence, OOm’s market lead continues to grow.


An annual recognition by the Singapore Association of Trade & Commerce, SME 500 is always on the lookout for companies that possess strength, competitiveness, and leadership in their respective industries. OOm is proud to be one of those who have left a mark and helped grow Singapore’s economy amid the challenging phase that is happening around the world.


Ian Cheow, CEO and Co-founder of OOm, expresses his gratitude to the organization who have seen OOm’s success as a contribution to the country’s economic growth: “We are honoured to be recognised by a prestigious entity, the Singapore Association of Trade & Commerce, as one of Singapore’s leading SME that has achieved stellar performance and market position in the industry after a stringent process of assessment and selection. We are very thankful and we share the joy with each and every one of you who has supported us along the way.”