Is E-mail Marketing Dead?


The answer is no, for the curious folks. E-mail marketing is doing well and making a big ripple in the industry.




Ever wonder why the subscription buttons, plug-ins and companies like MailChimp and Aweber are making a big splash and raking in some serious cash in a world where everyone thinks that e-mail is such a dead marketing tool? Well, think again.


Although social media is probably the hippest thing right now and having the most eyes that ponder on your advertisements, e-mail marketing is its stable twin. Need some clarification?


Let me tell you bout the story of the twins, e-mail and social media. Both are used for communication but while the other is very party, people oriented, the e-mail is the introverted twin who prefers one on one conversations and personalization.


E-mail has been there since the beginning of the internet and it will surely never leave. An e-mail is one persons’ imprint in the world, much like a personal space or a personal address which not everybody knows. Marketing with it is a different story.


A few years back, people only see e-mail marketing as a kind of spam scam wherein some bot send in information asking for the username, password or even legit bank records telling some random gullible mind that they have won some money or that they will give out some money when they receive their African inheritance. But now, e-mail is cleaning it up with the use of spam filters and not legit e-mail marketers can come to the scene and utilize the e-mail marketing all around.


What is unique with e-mail marketing is that when people hit the “Subscribe” button it means that that person is trusting you enough to provide you with information. The challenge after is that you have to retain that person’s interest, retain that long enough to hear your marketing strategy and believe in you. More often than not, e-mail marketers sell their products because of the future income it will bring but they give out a lot of free stuff.


A lot of e-mail marketers are established gurus in their field of specialization and share their knowledge through their members and even though some people don’t buy into their membership program, or their latest book or their tickets to the latest event, their subscription list is still considered gold because it means that someone is listening to them and reading their e-mails which is important, say in featuring a product or advertising something.


Let me ask you, don’t you ever read e-mails that come on your e-mail account? Some people are compelled to open them and read them. If they don’t like the content, then there’s some “Unsubscribe” button below, no harm done.