Digital Marketing | A Guide To Social Media Optimisation

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Social media is as powerful as ever. With the inclusion of search engine optimisation (SEO) and other digital marketing practices, social media has become more effective for promoting businesses.


Part of social media marketing in Singapore is managing your online presence to attract customers. In doing so, your business has better chances of growing, allowing you to raise brand awareness and promote your products and services.


What Is Social Media Optimisation?

Social media optimisation (SMO) is the process of using one or more social media networks to manage your online presence. You can raise brand awareness and drive sales by generating enough publicity to attract customers. The goal is to optimise your social media page and content to boost your online presence and web visibility.


SMO may seem similar to social media marketing (SMM), but they are different in many ways. For instance, SMO details the process of optimising your content for social media, while SMM focuses on managing a campaign to engage with customers and compete against other businesses.


Also, SMO is closely related to SEO. The goal of SEO is to attract potential customers to your website. Doing so requires you to optimise your website and make it optimal for search engines like Google and Bing. With SMO, you can reach the same goal by creating and optimising your content on social media to drive traffic to your website.



The Relationship Between SMO And SEO

SMO is becoming increasingly relevant these days due to the ever-changing search engine algorithms. To rank higher on search engines, you can manage your social media page and redirect potential customers to your website. As a result, your website’s SEO rankings could improve over time.


However, having an excellent social media presence alone will not instantly boost your search engine rankings. SEO plays a vital role in improving your rankings in the long run. With SMO and SEO, your chances of succeeding are much higher.


Many businesses have been struggling with achieving better web visibility. Perhaps a lack of a well-planned SMO strategy might be the root cause. Here are some tips for managing your online presence through effective social media optimisation.



3 SMO Tips For Managing Your Online Presence

Social Media Optimization Tips


1. Monitor Your Social Media Performance

Knowledge is power. Know how you should respond to your followers online. Actively monitor your social media performance to discover the interests of your target audience.


There is a wide range of tools that will help you monitor your social media page. Use any effective tool to evaluate your social media performance. You can also observe your followers’ comments on any of your social media posts. Doing so allows you to improve the quality of your content based on your followers’ feedback.


2. Use Relevant Keywords

Same with SEO, keywords are essential for SMO. You can use them to make your posts more relevant on various social media sites.


For example, most social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, allow users to use keywords in the form of hashtags. Use hashtags to make your social media posts searchable for people finding relevant content and information.


Include the ideal hashtags in your social media posts by discovering the most relevant and suitable keywords for your content. Conduct keyword research and identify specific terms and phrases that will let you get closer to your target audience on social media.


Also, avoid overstuffing your social media posts with too many hashtags. It will make your social media page look spammy, so use only a reasonable number of hashtags.


3. Make A Clean, Recognisable Profile

Your social media profile is the foundation of your social media marketing campaign. It is the very first thing people will see when they visit your social media page. In that case, you need to optimise your profile and make a brilliant impression for first-time visitors and customers.


There are three main factors to consider when optimising your social media profile:


  • Profile picture
  • Bio
  • Username


Your profile picture must be immediately visible and recognisable. Start by using a company logo or symbol that people can quickly distinguish from other brands.


As for your bio, you need to write a short description of your business. Make it catchy so people can immediately know more about your business in just a few words. You can also use keywords to make your description a little more relevant on search engines. Insert a link to your website so your followers can visit it anytime.


Lastly, your username should be short, concise, and consistent with all of your other social media marketing handles or usernames. Stick with a username that everyone will remember and know when they see it on social media.




SMO is an essential part of every Facebook marketing and LinkedIn advertising campaign. Regardless of your preferred social media platform, you have to optimise your content and page for generating leads.


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