Harnessing the Mobile Power


As a marketer, do you have any idea how the mobile is a very effective tool nowadays? If you have no idea, you are falling behind the trend.


Over 40% of users are checking their social media accounts via mobile. There was also a steep rise in mobile accessing when it comes to e-mail services. As you might see, almost 60%  of the population are on the mobile and use them as a primary device in accessing things online.


But what has this got to do with us? Well, that is probably one of the future problems we will face. As the desktop/laptop users are slowly declining, marketers are now using the mobile to advertise and to reach their customers. Another technology revolution is coming and as a marketer are you prepared for this one? Equip yourself and be two steps ahead of the competition.


1. Mobile Friendly Web Pages

When you browse through your phone or your tablet aren’t you irritated by the pages or landing pages that are not mobile friendly? Some sites are still utilizing the m.landingpage.com but if you are under the rock for the past years, here’s some good news for you: We already have the responsive layouts.


Responsive layouts change according to the page size. So you page conforms to the size of the screen that you have, so you don’t have to do the m.landingpage.com which is quite tedious to some.


Mobile friendly pages will help you win over your customer’s heart on the mobile. Imagine if you have a food business and you have a mobile friendly layout, then someone is looking for some dessert. Then that person will be able to see the delectable desserts that your company has and might even hire you on the phone.


See, mobile business is fast business. But be cautious still.


2. Apps

This is quite ambitious but with the easier ways now of doing apps like the Apple and Steam who will help you out with the creation of apps (with a fee, of course). But having apps is like the extreme step of being in your customers mind, provided that you give them an inherently useful tool that is essential enough for them to not uninstall.


Games are the top apps that you can create. Some owners create a business out of the games apps, but some use it as a marketing tool to promote their movies and their products. Other types of apps are geography based apps, Question and answer apps, food apps, recipes apps, events apps, get creative and be unique on what app you want to have for you company.