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Oct 23 2013

Build a List of your Subscribers!

Written by Abigail


One essential thing in e-mail marketing is having a list of people or a list of subscribers who are loyal to you and receiving your content every so often.


Some lists of the companies are weeded out every so often to retain only active and really interested subscribers so as to have a real landscape of the market that they have. Each subscriber has a very important value for the company and its profits so each company has to make sure that each subscriber is real or else their computations will go off the charts as some e-mail accounts are either hacked, unused and used by some dead person.


Typically the e-mail subscriber list is a list of potential buyers or potential clients of your products. The word potential here is very much highlighted because these are the customers willing to jump on your ship at the right way in which you woo them. The e-mail subscriber list also includes the people who had availed of your services who would want more knowledge or more of the products that you offer, another potential client!


To those quite unfamiliar with e-mail subscriber list, you could compare them to the old marketer’s list wherein you have the contacts of people who would might be interested in what you offer. These are the people you might cold call but might return a really successful purchase. The same thing also occurs with an e-mail subscriber list.


The website provides a plug-in wherein customers will fill-in their details. Customers usually fill-in their details when the content is great, the coupons are awesome or if they really like you product and be updated with it. Once the customers fill out their necessary details, the company will have access to their e-mail and their name.


But instead of cold calling the probable client, you cold e-mail them and expect some warm response in return. There are ways by which you could be crafty with your e-mail to illicit a response from your client. But the thing here is that you have to keep your customers engaged even in cold e-mails because there is a great chance of unsubscribing and that is where you, as the owner of the list, fail.


The list is seen as the connection between the client and the customer. But when one severs the connection, one cannot communicate the other person back to keep them engaged and interested in your content.

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