How To Market Your Event Company In Singapore?

Every established events company in Singapore needs online exposure to earn clients and sales.


And, let’s face it.


Developing a marketing strategy for event management is never an easy task. Because what other better ways are there to get your brand noticed than to formulate an effective marketing plan for your event planning business.


The events management industry in Singapore is currently flourishing with a huge number of business players that are actively competing for customers’ attention. Competition is getting tougher considering that all your competitors are also diving into the non-traditional ways of marketing.


Before you start an event company in Singapore, make sure that you have a good marketing strategy. You need to discover new practices that will help you boost your events company. Through this, you will be able to gain the trust of more clients and earn more sales along the way.


In this article, we will discuss digital marketing strategies to get your events management company in the spotlight. We will help you establish brand identity and awareness that creates positive impressions to consumers without costing much on your budget.




Paid Google Advertising / Search Engine Marketing

Investment is a key recipe for success. Getting paid ads in Google (or any other search engine) will give you a leverage platform for your business. As we all know, Google receives tons of searches from people all over the world. They look for the best choice of products and services that they can avail. With billions of searches, it’s no wonder why it’s considered one of the best places online to showcase your events management company. Do not miss the opportunity when your potential customers search for the opportunity when your potential customers search for ‘event planning’ or an ‘event organizer company’ online.


The idea here is to have a strong online presence. A search engine paid ads will help you get your event company to earn a spot at the top of the result page.


SEM agencies are specialised in optimising your website ads for immediate marketing objectives. Most SEM services can help you target higher traffic and conversion rates that an event organizer needs for a decent online exposure. SEM also incorporates the use of content marketing such as creating blogs and content for your website to attract consumers and prospects. 


Additionally, you will only pay for your search ads whenever someone clicks on it, though it also depends on SEM advertisers who are competing for the same set of keywords. It’s often considered a rule to use relevant keywords on your ads in order to produce better results. The good thing about SEM is that it lets you set your own budget at any amount.




Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While an SEM strategy can help you gain online presence in an instant, search engine optimisation (SEO) can get you organic results – a long-term focus on your marketing plans.


SEO is a popular digital marketing strategy not just for an events company and events marketing labels but for other business types as well. It produces viable results which are helpful in increasing the site’s conversions. Though SEO may take a while to make a significant influence on your business than SEM, the wait is very much worth it. 


SEO helps you boost your search engine ranking organically with on-page optimisations that enhances your website’s ranking. These on-site optimisations lets you have the following:


  • Faster website pages
  • Keyword research and implementation
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Better content that generates sales


Apart from on-site, SEO also has its off-page side that consists of social media marketing and link building to improve your ranking apart from website optimisation.


SEO might share similarities with SEM but the approach on obtaining search engine rankings makes them quite different from each other. However, they work hand-in-hand to make the best results out of these two strategies.




Social Media Marketing

In January, there are 3.8 billion people around the world who have social media accounts according to We Are Social. Similarly, most event management companies in Singapore have their own social media accounts as well. However, some of these pages do not really get enough engagement making it an irrelevant tool of digital marketing.


What social media marketing does is to promote your business brand and its product or services by creating huge numbers of followers that will earn you clients. Since success can be measured by popularity; a huge following rate can make your brand visible in the social media platform, just like how ranking can make users aware of a brand. 


Marketing an event management company via social media is still no easy feat. To gain more followers, you must regularly publish high-quality posts that are worth sharing to keep them interested and engaged with your business. This is what most event companies in Singapore are lacking.These kinds of posts can be a great way of letting consumers know more updates and the latest news of your offered services, sale announcements/promotions, online event marketing  and brand status. 


Moreover, social media marketing lets you target your advertisement based on the existing information of an individual in a social network. Doing these can help your brand stay relevant which can be an advantage on your marketing goal.




SEO & SEM: A Perfect Combination To Help Event Organizers In Singapore

As we’ve mentioned earlier, SEM & SEO go hand-in-hand. An effective SEO campaign may still need a little boost of an SEM strategy while an SEM strategy will not be effective if the basic search engine optimization rules are not met.


SEO and SEM actually work together to drive you better results! 


SEO and SEM complement each other very well together with the right keywords. SEO lets you earn traffic organically or unpaid in a long-term course though it takes a while to see results. On the other-side, SEM can gain traffic through purchasing search engine ads in the short-term because of its capability to produce immediate results. Making it an essential digital marketing strategy for an event management company. 




No matter what digital marketing strategies you’re planning to employ on your event company, it is always better to look and measure the results you acquired all throughout the campaign. Because it’s more than just patience, it comprises a trial and error process where you can learn and improve each step you take.


Do you own an events marketing company in Singapore and would like to start your digital marketing campaigns? Call us and let’s collaborate!