There’s no shortage of unique and exciting people here at OOm. Fortunately, Isabella Teo is one of them! She’s a team player who knows how to handle money and other financial matters.


Know more about Isabella Teo, our Senior Finance Executive for OOm Singapore.



Describe your role in OOm

As an Executive in a Finance team, I am responsible for managing a portfolio of clients, preparing consolidated financial statements and accounts, and making sure they comply with the system.


I will lead and review the work of accounts teammates to ensure completeness and accuracies.


  • Resolve financial disputes raised by the customer service and sales teams
  • Being a key point of contact for other departments on financial and accounting matters
  • Developing in-depth knowledge of organisational products and process
  • Managing records and receipts
  • Reconciling daily, monthly, and yearly transactions
  • Preparing balance sheets
  • Processing invoices
  • Providing customer service to clients


This role includes keeping an eye on opportunities to save money. For example, determining if there are discounts or incentives available for paying certain vendors more quickly.  At the very least, AP should be scheduled to assure that the least amount of money has to go out per payment, i.e. no late payment charges!



Accounts receivable and revenue tracking (money in): another critical duty of the accounting department is to account for and track receivables, including outstanding invoices and any required collection actions. Accounts receivable is responsible for creating and tracking invoices. The responsibility here includes assuring that customers pay those invoices on time, so a system of friendly reminders is crucial.


  • Money out – making payments and keeping the bills paid
  • Money in – processing incoming payments
  • Reporting – preparing financial reports,
  • Financial Controls – to avoid errors, fraud and theft



What made you choose to work at OOm?

It’s simple: after finding out more information about OOm on social media, I can clearly see how my goals align with the purposes of the company. There’s nothing I love more than working with other engaged individuals towards a common goal, and that’s what got me excited to work here.



From your perspective, what is the key to excellent teamwork?

Well, there must be an excellent team leader. In my opinion, there also must be strong communication skills. Without good communication, things cannot be done well. Other keys to excellent teamwork are focused on outcomes, excellent problem solvers, and strong communicators.



Tell us more about your career and how you ended up in OOm

Organizational abilities and attention to detail are among my strongest assets.


Before the recruiter called me about this opportunity, I must admit that I didn’t know much about OOm. I’ve been doing some research in preparation. I’m impressed by the work and company vision for the future. I’m genuinely interested in getting more involved in the technological side of marketing, and I read that you are growing in that area.


As an experienced finance officer with an emphasis in the admin field with the latest technology, I know I can bring a lot of value to the team.




What is your favourite quote, and whom did it come from?

“Do, or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda, Star Wars


“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Nelson Mandela



What is the one thing about you that most people love?

Loves to declutter and give things a second life. Nature lover, bubbly, and will work for food.



If a genie granted you three wishes, what would you wish for?

Wisdom, revelation, and a pair of wings for me to fly.



What is your goal in life, and how do you aim to reach it?

Like many people, I am working on short, medium, and long term goals which will stretch me all the time. Giving back and volunteering is a significant part of my own personal values. Because if I could achieve this goal, everything else would fall into place.




We all have our own definition of Happiness. What would be yours?

Happiness is being open-minded and enjoying the given environment. Be simple, grateful, and content.



What do you love about OOm?

OOm is the best place to work and get recognized for my efforts. I’d prefer an environment that is congenial, structured, and team-oriented, where my best talents can shine and make a substantial contribution.

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