The Power Of Infographics In Marketing: Is It Worth The Investment?

Most digital marketers would always say “Content is ‘King’”. Business must be able to provide relevant content to users in order to achieve higher rankings in SERPs. Although it is true, it is still important to keep in mind that articles and text descriptions are not the only ones that can be considered as content—infographics are too.



Infographics And SEO

Infographics are a visual representation of particular information. Objects, photos, and shapes are used in an infographic to make a piece of information easily understandable to users. So, how can an infographic be useful in SEO and digital marketing? It is an effective tool that effectively attracts users and drives traffic to a website. Here are some of the benefits that you will gain when you include Infographics in your digital marketing strategy:


1. It is Visually-Pleasing

No matter how much you’ve exerted effort in making your written copy creative and witty for users, chances are that it would still be dump in the last pages of SERPs if there are no images or infographics included in it. Most users nowadays prefer infographics over plain descriptive texts because they are easily digestible and visually-pleasing. It contains only the important points highlighting the benefits of a product and service, and it combines graphic elements and texts and this attracts users to check it out.



2. It Helps Boost Brand Awareness

Once you post the infographic all over the Internet, there is a high possibility that it will reach your target consumers. For this to be effective, it is best to design an infographic that is in line with the shapes and colors of your company logo. In this way, target consumers would start associating a similar design to your brand.


3. It Is An Effective Viral Content

Since a large number of users are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, you should utilise them to make your infographic go viral. Users would most likely share a visual content if it is both amusing and relatable. Once the number of shares significantly increased, it can help you gain more followers, and at the same time, you can generate more leads.


4. It Drives More Website Traffic

Infographics can drive more website traffic and reduce bounce rates because users will be more interested and intrigued once they have seen one. It is the aesthetic appeal of an infographic that makes users stay longer. They would naturally want to know more if it immediately caught their attention.



Types Of Infographic

Creating an infographic does not necessarily need to follow strict design standards in order to make it an effective marketing tool. In fact, the more creative it is, the better. You should go out way beyond your imagination to make it look appealing enough to users. Just make sure you don’t overwhelm it with information, or else users won’t even bother checking it out. If you are not sure yet what kind of infographic should you use, here are some of the types of infographics that can helpful for digital marketing:


1. Static

The ones that are commonly posted on social media and websites are called static infographics. Only illustrations and texts are used to introduce the products and services of a particular brand. Using it is convenient for tablet and mobile users because of its long scrolling format.  



2. Motion

If you want to tell a story of how your company has grown throughout the years or how a product was produced, then you should create a motion infographic. Aside from images and texts, it uses voice narration and animation to explain a specific information or data.



3. Interactive

Users would find it fun and engaging if you use interactive infographics on your website. This is only effective if you want to present multiple information without the users losing track of the main message that your brand wants to convey.



In today’s fast-paced world, everything should be done in an instant. No one wants to waste their time trying to understand a complicated topic. Most users tend to become uninterested and immediately click the back button once a large block of text is presented right before their eyes. Even though your products and services can actually be beneficial to them, they would still be useless if you failed to convey their purpose to your target audience. You can make it simple to them using infographics.


If you are new to SEO and you still can’t get the hang of the digital marketing practices such as creating powerful infographics, you can get help from an SEO company in Singapore instead. Their SEO packages in Singapore include creating attractive infographics and use them for link building strategies. This can help boost your rankings in leading search engines like Google.