6 Ways Google Drive Can Help Your Business

Every business is always finding a way to make their lives easier, especially the companies who have offices in different parts of the world. Luckily, with the dawn of the digital age, today’s companies are blessed with various options to properly manage their businesses (and employees).


But before you go too far searching for the best tools that you can use to manage your business, let us give you one platform that can run an entire business without the hassle and extra expense. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce: Google Drive!



Yeah, we know. It’s not really something new. But, do you know that Google Drive (GDrive) has saved a lot of professional lives on different occasions. But, generally, we guarantee that many people may only know Google Drive as a cloud storage platform where you can share files to other people. While that is actually true, this platform is so much more than that.


Google Drive is a suite of tools that is accessible online and put together in a Drive for easy access. It has a document app, a slide creator, and spreadsheets. Most of the main functions of these tools are basically the same as the Microsoft Office suite but it’s online. Meaning, you can access it anywhere using different devices for as long as you’re logged in to your Google Account. Oh yes, you have to have a Google account or a Gmail account to be able to use the GDrive.


Okay, so how can GDrive help your business? How can this online platform be the answer to your long-time office problem? Here are 6 different ways that Google Drive can improve your efficiency and productivity.



Communicate In Real-time


Since it’s online, there are various means of communication that you can do within the tool. But its biggest selling point is that you can collaborate with the creator of the document in real time. You can make real time edits and comment on the current progress of your employee. This is totally helpful for people who work overseas; you can get real-time assessment on the progress of your task. There is no email the file, wait for a feedback, and revise. The content can be edited right away.



Chatbox For Every File


If you don’t want to directly edit or comment on the actual documents, there’s another way to communicate to the author: live chat. Everyone who has access or who have been granted access of the file can participate on a live chat. It can be found on the right side panel, just like a normal chat box. You can use that to exchange your ideas and concepts; you can brainstorm using it. It’s easy to use and it’s really helpful.



Use Hangouts And Google Meet For Meetings


Hangouts is a platform that is somehow the same as Skype. It has video and voice calling and chatting function. It’s basically a VOIP service powered by Google. One of the best thing about it as that it’s integrated with Google Calendar, which means that you can create a calendar appointment and invite other people to use Hangouts. Everyone that’s already invited can just click on the “join” button to be part of the call. No need for separate communication avenues. It’s a one of a kind platform.



Google Slides For Presentations


If you need to conduct a training or a seminar but you are millions of miles away from your team, you can utilise Google Slides. You can invite your team so you can conduct the webinar. It’s also a good platform for client or team presentation. There are various templates that you can use or you can create your own. Whichever way you choose, we’re sure that it’s going to be effective.



The Google Form Magic

From contact forms, to questionnaires, up to surveys and quizzes, the functions of Google Form is unending. Using Google Form is a smart and reliable way of collecting information from people. You can also use it to get feedback from your employees or colleagues about a certain event. And what’s more interesting about it is that the results are convertible on a spreadsheet; which means, it’s easier to tally the records and to collect the overall that you may need.



File Streaming And Sharing


It’s the basic, most important part of GDrive. You can share files to anyone who has a Gmail account, so no need to overload your hard drives with files. It’s also good that it’s accessible anywhere. Another positive aspect of sharing files through GDrive is that you can create a Team Drive and share it to various users. It’s like creating a network drive but you don’t need to be connected on the same network. Files can be accessed anywhere. Moreover, your files can also be shared publicly. If the file is in Public mode, it’s Googlable.



The Biggest Question Of All: Is It Safe?


We understand, your company assets are priceless and, as much as possible, we don’t want to share it to the world. The idea of using a cloud storage for a business may sound a little risky. But, with GDrive, you do not need to worry. Google takes security very seriously. All their core security infrastructure are built into all their services. Plus, you can secure your Google Account can be secured in a lot of ways.



Go Ahead, Just Drive.

Most likely, you are already using Google Drive – one way or another. If that’s the case, that’s great! But if you haven’t fully experience the GDrive features, we suggest that you try it now and be one of the chosen few who get things done in a breezy. No need to hesitate. Just Drive.