Baidu Advertising Service

We bring down your negative news and reviews on search engines.

What is Baidu Advertising?

Baidu Advertising is a pay-per-click advertising platform which is similar to Google Ads. You select the keywords that you wish to target and place your ads on Baidu to start driving traffic to your website.

Benefits of SERM

With high reliance on online search nowadays, maintaining a good reputation is highly necessary. We are meticulous in handling your negative search results online. The following are the benefits of SERM.

Competitive Keyword Research

We conduct extensive keyword research to uncover the most suitable set of keywords for your baidu campaign.

Baidu Advertising Strategy Consultation

We provide strategy consultation for your Baidu campaigns, backed with data and statistics. Having a sound strategy for your campaign is important if you want to navigate smoothly on Baidu.

Baidu Account Opening and Campaign Setup

We can assist you to gather the necessary documents and submit to Baidu to open your Baidu Account. As we know the process of submission better, the time to open a Baidu Account is going to be faster.

Chinese Ad Copies and Translation

Our English speaking campaign managers will work with our China team to do up Chinese ad copies for your campaigns. If you require any translation services, we are also able to assist you.

Split Testing and Optimisation

We conduct split testing of ads to further improve your campaign performance. Optimisation of bids and keywords will also be done to increase your ROIs.

Tracking and Reporting

We setup proper goal conversion tracking for your Baidu campaign and detailed reporting will be provided for you to have a proper assessment of how your campaigns are doing.

You Have Full Rights and Ownership to The Baidu Account

We might have taken part in setting up your Baidu Account and managing your ads, but rest assured that you would have the full account ownership to the Baidu advertising account that we have set up.

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