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WeChat Marketing & Advertising

WeChat boasts a total of 700 million active monthly users as of April 2016. If you are doing business with the Chinese, you simply cannot ignore the importance of using WeChat as a marketing and advertising platform for your business.

OOm is the pioneer in the industry that starts offering WeChat marketing services as early as 2014 in Singapore. We possess strong capability and experience in WeChat marketing, advertising and WeChat Pay setup for businesses. With a team of local Chinese marketers stationed in Shenzhen to assist our clients, you can deal directly with us in Singapore and we will be your bridge to China.


We are able to help you in the following areas:

  1. Verified WeChat Official Account (OA) setup
  2. WeChat Pay Setup for Business
  3. WeChat OA technical support
  4. WeChat Moments Advertising
  5. English speaking campaign managers

Contact Us

Call us at (+65) 63910930 to speak to us or fill up the form below and our WeChat consultants will contact you shortly.

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