Google Ads Management from a Premier Google Partner

Working alongside a Premier Google Partner can offer you a lot of help when it comes to establishing your presence within the digital space. OOm has been a trusted Premier Google Partner that will help you create organic content and come up with Google-approved strategies in boosting your brand.

Why outsource your Google Ads Management to us?

Handling the processes of your own business and grasping the twist and turns of digital marketing prove to be no easy task. Focus on your own processes where you are an expert of and leave your digital marketing campaigns to us. We are able to make more tested and proven strategies that fit your brand for the right price. You can stay within your budget while handling your digital marketing to us experts!

  • Reach customers who are ready to buy: Reach ready-to-buy customers immediately with Google Ads when they are searching on Google.
  • Get more customers: Google Ads can help you get more customers by bringing new website visitors, get the phone ringing or get more online sales.
  • No traffic, no charges: Only pay for traffic or clicks to your website.
  • Immediate exposure: Get your ads online immediately and start getting your customers to find you.

100% Transparency and Ownership of your Google Ad Account

We may be handling your account and the digital marketing campaigns under it but it is always still your last call. You will have a 100% ownership of your Google Ad Account as we only help you as partners connected by a streamlined and transparent process of communication.

Call Tracking and Analytics

Call tracking and analysis are vital activities in digital marketing that allow you to know how your campaigns are faring. With us here at OOm, you can rest assured that your campaigns will be thoroughly tracked and analysed.

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