Google Duplex


Here we go again –you might think. Another spawn of Google right out of the deep dark depths of hell is here to disrupt things once again.


But before you run out of your window in panic, take a couple of minutes to learn what this is.


No, it’s not an algorithm update. For me personally it’s entertaining to watch panic when no one knows what things are at first. But setting aside that schadenfreude side of mine for a moment, it is also deeply satisfying to share what we learn everyday.


A few months ago back in May of this year, Google released their latest baby, Google Duplex. This new tech is intended to aid in conducting scarily natural sounding conversations that can then help Google Assistant carry out various tasks over the phone. The most famous set of examples for this is for when you need to set appointments and bookings. And for these types of tasks, it helps make the conversation part between us humans and machines sound more natural.


Remember the “newly labelled old days” when we would need to adapt to machines in order for them to understand our requests over the phone? With Google Duplex, the roles have completely reversed. Making tech geniuses happy and excited to be able to finally get an A.I. that’s as natural as J.A.R.V.I.S.



Or better yet, Samantha from the movie Her.



Like what we mentioned above, the A.I. system will adjust to the person speaking, instead of us trying to adjust to the system. This means that overall, we can speak normally now, more like how we really talk and how we use words in our everyday lives. But it’s not just a one way thing. This new system also makes it possible for the computer system to sound more like us -more human-like. It uses natural tones and words like “um” and “uh” just like a real person would in a conversation. During such conversations, we’ll also be able to observe a behavior that’s innate to us humans; it can elaborate when you try to interrupt it while it’s talking to you.


That being said, let’s take a closer look at the mechanical insides of Google Duplex. (a.k.a. Ultron)


This new system has a recurrent neural network that was created with the help of a machine learning platform TensorFlow Extend or TFX.


There’s a whole list of things Google Duplex can do for you besides make calls for appointments. It can help you check out some business operation hours, reserve a table for you and your date at a restaurant and even book an appointment at a hair salon.



The availability of this system will be, at this time, limited to a few test restaurants and hair salons in the US.

Although this new system has specific uses, it kind of also says a lot about how the future of our SEO will be like.


Google has been continuously making drastic advancements in technology like creating A.I. like this to better cope with the complex intelligence and unique behavioral quirks we humans have. So we should expect gradual changes on how it presents data, how it indexes information and content and how search queries and terms will be like moving forward.


Duplex is more into that naturalization of that communicative language towards humans, meaning we can expect search terms to get more and more organic. So for keywords, expect to see longer search terms to be more useful. They are now at the present. But let’s be honest, it’s still clunky.


Laptop accessories Singapore
Laptop bags Singapore

With developments like these, we might see terms like

Laptop accessories all over Singapore
accessories for my Laptop here in Singapore
where do I get laptop accessories here in Singapore


Of course Title Tag wise, you can still make them fit within the specified character limits Google permits. But content wise, be ready to be semantically equipped. All those updates working together will be looking for search results that will closely be relevant to search terms.


All of the required changes and preparation is actually something that’s quite important. Right from the start Google has been, doing things that can help humans find information. Today, the best sources of useful content are the ones that are ranking the highest. So it would make sense for them to slowly fix every single aspect of service they have to further get close towards their goal.

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