Google’s January 2019 Algorithm Update


It’s been a very busy January so far. IT looks as if the whole month was a year all compressed into one with all the activities that has been happening in the world of online marketing.


Just less than 10 days in and there’s already buzz of updates from every website owners and SEO’s all over the web. Some were saying that the update reversed all of the effects that were laid down by the Google Medic update. And for some, it had the all too familiar effects.


Like doctors on the autopsy table we will now dive in the aftermath of the most recent unnamed algorithm update.


Now, real talk before we really get into the nity gritty of things. Google algo updates exist because of the correct reasons. They are upgrades in order for Google to properly and actually serve people better. These are advancements that are necessary for the search engine to help it give out the best results. So if you’re a website owner that had already developed a crippling fear of algorithm updates, it’s most definitely because you refuse to keep up with the rules of Google.


For this latest update, there have been numerous studies and observations online describing most of the usual victims of the update.


Most of the ones that were impacted were websites related to businesses in the automotive industry, food and drink, pet and animal websites as well as some law and government websites.


Which all resembles the good old Google Medic Update which, it just so happens, targeted medical sites and e-commerce types of sites.


What does this all say? It means that Google still is gunning for websites to fix all their contents. If all your content is optimized properly, you won’t get into trouble that much.


So how would you survive this digital apocalypse? Just like its most recent iterations, the key to all of it is to, that’s right, have optimized content.


And if you think about it, that’s been the main goal of Google from the very beginning. They have been urging websites, to produce meaningful and relevant content.


If you’re handling a handful of client websites, you will need to be able parts of those websites that have low quality content. The next part there is that you will need to be able to fix those parts by giving them actual quality content.


But the reality is there will be times that adding content on certain parts of websites might not be completely possible. That’s the part where you will have to be open and be transparent with the consequences of having low quality content.


Another way for you to do that is you could also update existing content. Ideally, content that can last longer, (evergreen content) is one of the most effective types of content. Right next to those ones that are currently relevant of course. But the point there is that your content can be relevant continuously. If you already have heavy traffic and they see updated content, that would already be a bonus for you.


The lesson here is that, every website out there will need to, not adapt to all the changes Google does, but just be genuine in sharing information.


If website owners out there cannot understand or even accept that because of things like costs and other things that are shallow, they will forever be having trouble trying to survive a time where technology is advancing towards spreading knowledge more efficiently.