Here’s Why Your Company Needs an SEO agency

Nov 28 2016

Here’s Why Your Company Needs an SEO agency

Written by Aj Aviado


In the digital world we live in, getting to the top spot in search results is essential. When internet users and potential customers see your business on the first page of Google and other search engines, it is highly possible that they will click your site. So imagine if your site is not optimized and your business does not appear and rank on the first page of search results, there’s no chance that they will know about you.


So, what does being optimized mean? It refers to the process called as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is a strategy of generating traffic from organic and natural search results. If you are launching a digital marketing campaign, integrating SEO is a must. SEO can be performed by an in-house team or an SEO agency. While you have the choice to do one or the other, we cannot deny the fact that working with an SEO company offers amazing benefits.


Letting the experts do the task guarantees a higher success rate for your campaign. While you may know the basics of SEO, such as keywords, backlinks, and content, you may not have enough experience in actually optimizing your website. Have you ever heard of title tags, alt text, meta description, page load time, user experience, and conversion? These terms may be foreign to you. And it would consume too much time to comprehend all of these. But when you partner with an experienced SEO company, you are assured that it has the capacity and skills to efficiently and effectively improve your website. Moreover, most SEO specialists are aware of the latest SEO trends and how to take advantage of those. And if there are unexpected changes such as algorithm updates, they already know how to handle such. These major updates, if not properly addressed, can adversely affect your rankings.


In order to maximize your site’s exposure and visibility in search engines, the SEO’s will first look at the current status and condition of your site. It will make a site audit and also analyze your content, from its quality to the use of keywords.


Another benefit of hiring an SEO agency is it will regularly update and develop your site to maintain your online presence. Indeed, doing SEO is not an overnight task. Building your business worthy of a first-page presence is not a piece of cake, for it takes right timing, unique content, ethical methods, accurate strategies, and maintenance.


You can tell that a particular SEO company is good to work with if it adheres to and observes ethical practices. Even in SEO, there’s code of ethics. Determine if the company has been consistently following search engines’ guidelines. Each search engine has set its own policies and SEO experts must comply with these, otherwise penalties will be imposed to those who will violate.


There have been a lot of improvements and changes in SEO. And if you have not included it yet in your campaign, you are definitely missing an important element. It’s never too late to use SEO. Now is the chance!

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